Arizona Works The Hood, Today

Gotta love every off-season when Hood Belichick sits down at the chessboard. When it’s time to trade… He goes from being the old grump in the sweatshirt… To the old grump at the park, feeding birds, burning pawns and slapping the clock. Only this time the Hood gave up a bishop.

The Patriots just traded Pro Bowl defensive end Chandler Jones to Arizona for a guard and second round pick… Somehow the Hood can deal a pure sack artist when sacks are everything in the NFL – and it might not even be a bad move.

Might not. Don’t get it twisted. I love this move for Arizona. They just got a pass rushing freak, something they were desperate for, in exchange for an O-Lineman who was a complete bust, who they couldn’t wait to unload and a low second round draft pick.

Looks like the Hood got worked, right? Absolutely.

But how many times have we said that before about the guy? And how many times have we seen this guy get rid of a vet a little too early as opposed to holding on to him a little long? How many times?  Pretty much every single time.

Ask Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymour and Logan Mankins. Difference here, despite showing up at the police station, shirtless and disoriented the week of the AFC title game, Jones is a freak, entering his prime and probably had more left than the other big names I mentioned.

But there’s a reason for everything. And you know the Hood probably has a reason for this. Probably several. In fact, probably 50 million. Which is the reason the Hood ran him. Because he doesn’t want to pay him.

And shirtless and peaking on synthetic chron during the biggest week of the season or not, this freak will get paid. Probably to the tune of $50 mill and Hoodie don’t play that. Believe that.

That’s why Jones is gone. The money. Hood doesn’t care about the synthetic chron. Hell, he looks for guys who burn like that: generally, it means he can get them on the cheap and turn them around.

He ran Jones because he was going to cost him way too much money, and because he could, given the depth he thinks he has at that position.

Trust me, fake chron or not, this guy was gone. At that price, there was no way the Hood was keeping him. And Hood thinks he also addressed a couple of needs with that deal. The O-Line damn near got Tommy B killed last year. Hood pretty much has two more cracks at a ring with Brady and knows he has no shot unless he can protect him, so he brings in Jonathan Cooper, a guy who was a complete bust with the Cards.

You know the Hood, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Remember, the resurrections of Randy Moss, Corey Dillon and Aqib Talib when they arrived in Foxboro. The Hood does. And you know he thinks he can do the same for Cooper. And he gets a draft pick he needs badly, because the league ripped a couple of theirs as punishment for Deflategate.

So we’ll see how this plays out. Today it looks like Arizona worked the Hood. But several months from now, it may have a totally different feel to it.

I love the deal for Arizona right now. I’ll tell you how I feel about it for New England in about 6 months.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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