Thank You, Taurean Prince

What I love about the Madness- is that it doesn’t make you wait. In a time when there are 12 trailers before movies and un-skippable ads before YouTube’s, the tournament doesn’t make you muscle through a couple rounds before churning out something iconic. And we got it on Day 1 from Baylor- Yale.

And I don’t even mean the upset on the scoreboard. Don’t me wrong, it’s a big deal when a school that’s older than the United States gets its first tournament win… And they got it by outworking Baylor on the inside, and filling it up from the outside… And in a time of year when schools’ celeb alums come honking out of the woodwork, I’m sure we can expect to hear from Yale’s like – Dubya, Dubya’s Dad, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, John Kerry, and Both Slick Willie AND Hillary.

In fact I’m surprised Hillrod wasn’t in there dabbing in the locker room.

But even that wouldn’t be what we really remember from this game. The clip that’s going to get played in 20 years is Baylor’s Taurean Prince giving us this.


So strong. Like he licked his finger and turned to the first page of Basketball For Dummies to give that answer.

Thing is – I would also love to hear Prince’s description of how he shoved his own teammate in the second half. How did I shove him? Well, you take your two hands, and you slam them into your teammate’s chest during a timeout because you’re so frustrated these 1450 SAT guys are wearing you out. That’s considered a shove.

That’s how Yale’s Makai Mason should have answered when he got asked how did he drop 31 points on a tall talented crazy athletic team like Baylor. How did I drop 30? Well, I took the ball in my two hands, and then I jumped, and I released it with my shooting hands while aiding it with my support hand, and it went directly into the hoop. That’s anywhere from 1-3 points, and I did that several times because apparently these Baylor players didn’t want to guard me, and they were getting badly out hustled underneath and their best two players nearly fought each other.

Thank you, Taurean Prince. We didn’t have to wait for the bite we’re going to reset until March for the rest of time. You guys got punked. You got punched in face. And you totally unraveled in the first round. But at least you blew away the best quote Bracket. Your fans wish you had gotten some more actual rebounds. But the rest of us think you for breaking down why it didn’t happen. “That’s considered a classic.”



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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