Trending Topics Number 1 Seed

One of my very moments with the Trending Topics list is glancing over to see “Matt Barnes.” Because when most athletes hit that list- you already know what happened.

“Zach Lavine” – some hilarious jam just went down and you scramble to find the Vine.

“Curt Schilling” – he went on another political rant.

“Joseph Randle” – he got arrested again.

“Matt Schaub” somebody just ripped a pick 6.

Most guys – you don’t even need to click.

But with “Matt Barnes” – you never really know what you’re going to get. Sure- you know the general category… Somebody forgot that Matt Barnes is Matt Barnes. But the intrigue is the Who and the How. Because we’ve seen everything. Jumping in for the Clippers to be Blake Griffin’s Marty McSorley, despite being 3 inches and 30 pounds smaller. Pretending to throw the ball right in Kobe Bryant’s face. Or you know, driving all the way from Grizzlies camp in Santa Barbara to throw on the Knicks head coach. You NEVER know.

So last night when his name hit the list, I couldn’t wait to click… And of course it was about this.


Perfect. Textbook. The Bucks’ John Henson is a pretty young guy in the league, and he finally learned the lesson –  Barnes will go.

And Henson swerved way the hell out of his lane to mean mug him after swatting him, Barnes was looking to go.

And the next thing you know, Barnes is bolting into the tunnel looking for a piece of Henson. And that’s just the start.

According to the Racine Journal Times, Barnes entered the Bucks locker room looking for Henson, both players were escorted from the arena by security guards, and members of both teams were reportedly sticking around for a long time in the player parking lot to make sure the Grizzlies bus left without incident. That’s why you don’t mess with the dude. Especially in the last few seconds of a win. Get out of his way, get off the floor, get in your car and get the hell home before you get the hands.

Look, I’m not saying I condone it. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t fascinate me. I know it’s wrong; and that the correct take is, this cat is out of hand: he can’t just run around handing out his person brand of justice, and looking to knock out fools who have violated his own personal code that governs his life.

But I can’t help myself. I see that name on the trending list and I can’t help but love it.

Most trending topics are either indecipherable boy band garbage, toilet humor, or Made up National Food Days. Matt Barnes is the only one that delivers every single time, even if you never know what it’s going to be about. Which makes it so awesome in the first place. Call him a bad seed. But I’m here to say Matt Barnes is the trending topics number 1 seed.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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