Middle Tennessee State Rocks Sparty

Where do go when you’re looking for guidance after a long weekend like that? As always, you head over to @magicjohnson to see what Erv’s got cookin. He tweeted last night: “Spartan Nation: I’m still in mourning so I can’t comment on the loss to MTSU.”

Strong take, Maj.

I’d say you’ve had over 2 days to get yourself together. But you’ve had even longer. You should have started collecting your thoughts about 3 minutes into that game – because that’s when it became clear Middle Tennessee State was about to rock Sparty harder than any Wolverine ever has.

We weren’t really watching a basketball game in those opening minutes. We were watching a skyrocketing panic meter as MTSU kept getting over. It went like this. Sparty down 2-0. Cute.  Down 5-2. Good for you. Down 10-2. Whatever, now we’ll wake up. Down 12-2. What do these guys think they’re doing?! Down 15-2. TIMEOUT! HELP!!  Down the entire game, wire to wire and lost to a 15-seed. Cue the funeral.

And unlike Spartan great, Erv, Tom Izzo was ready to comment as soon as it was over. “They outplayed us. There’s no way I can put it differently.  The better team won today. We have to take it like men.”

And they did. But the guys playing the Man’s Game were Middle Tennessee State. There were supposed to be a jobber. Sparty’s opponent in referee’s shootaround, where Michigan State dashed gasoline on the idea that they got jammed out of a 1-seed. Instead, we ended up with possibly the biggest upset in tournament history. We still have never seen a one lose to a sixteen, but there were plenty of people who thought Michigan State should have been a one.

And while 2’s have lost to 15’s before, I’m not sure a 2 that was a big betting favorite to win it all, led by a Player of the Year Candidate in Denzel Valentine and one of the greatest tournament coaches ever in Izzo, has ever lost before.

To put it another way, since Middle Tennesee State’s last tournament win … MSU has been to 7 Final Fours. And they couldn’t even get to the round of 32.

No, we didn’t’ get our 16-1 upset, but there’s never been a bigger shock from a 15 beating a 2.

Now follow Izzo’s lead and take it like a man, Maj. Get it together and get up a tweet. That really happened.



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