REPORT: Chargers initiative for downtown stadium includes hotel room tax hike

A proposed football stadium and convention center expansion for downtown San Diego

According to an article posted by Voice of San Diego this evening, the San Diego Chargers are preparing to release their own plan for financing a downtown NFL stadium, separate from the Cory Briggs Citizens’ Plan.

The Chargers’ ballot measure would:

  • increase the city’s 10.5 percent hotel room tax to 16.5 percent

  • eliminate the 2 percent tourism marketing levy on top of that

  • set aside 1 percent for a tourism marketing trust fund instead

  • set aside 5 percent for a joint convention center and stadium

  • it’s anticipated not all of that would be needed so another 1 percent would go to the tourism marketing fund – equaling the 2 percent existing allocation

Due to a bombshell appellate court decision that was published on Tuesday, it would appear that this ballot measure (which would be a Citizen’s Initiative supported by the team) would only need to win more than 50% of the vote to pass rather than 66.7% of the vote.

However, this isn’t a slam dunk for the Chargers just yet. They’re missing some key supporters, according to the Voice of San Diego:

Regardless, the Chargers’ new plan hasn’t gotten the mayor’s support nor the support of the alliance the Chargers said they were working with: the group working to pass the Citizens’ Plan.



2 thoughts on “REPORT: Chargers initiative for downtown stadium includes hotel room tax hike

  1. truthsayer

    Why do they feel entitled to take this land from the owners? This poor Millionaire should find another group of fools.

  2. Juan A Estreyer

    This is a great project…Only those with no vision of a great future can’t see this.

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