Chasing Philip And Jordan

It’s taken 6 months and over 60 wins, but the Golden State Warriors are finally admitting they’re fully on board. They’re going after Phillip and Jordan.

Before his guys hammered the Clippers last night, Steve Kerr finally showed his hand about passing the ’96 Bulls. “I think it’s a good question now. It was a good question then; it just wasn’t anything I was interested in addressing, because it was so early. But you’re right, we’re right there. We’re 12 games away; we need to win 10 to set the record. It’s pretty enticing.”

It’s awesome. You think Kerr doesn’t know that? He was actually on that team. And he’s right – it’s not early any more. It is the 73-win elephant in the room. At this point, to not address it is just ok-wood. And saying you’re not thinking about it makes you a liar.

Steph says he wants it. Draymond says we want it, and we’re not shying away from it. And Jim Rome says they’re going to get it. I don’t need any of these new age stats that tell me the percentage probability for them getting it. All I need to know – is that they say it’s important to them, and the schedule says it’s going to be easy for them.

You actually doubt they can finish the season 9-2? They STARTED THE SEASON 64-7! You say they have 2 games against the Spurs left. I say they have 8 home games left. And besides, Pop’s going to have San Antonio in cool-down mode while they take the 2-seed.

The Warriors are saying they want to stay in kill mode while they make history.

And don’t be one of those whiners who says- What if Golden State gets banged up? They already are. Iguodala’s out. Bogut’s been out. And the fact is – Kerr could sit half his starters in the first round of the playoffs if he wanted to and they’d still roll.

I feel the same way about the Warriors going for 73-9 as I did about the Panthers going for 16-0. You can’t just tell a pack of competitors to throttle down, play it safe, and stop competing. This is a team that launches shots from half court. You’re going to tell them to play it conservative when they could take out Jordan? Hell no.

The Warriors don’t even want to win 73 games. They want to bury this thing and win 75. They’re going to get this record. And their last win of the year will be over Mike, Pip, Worm, Harp, and the Big Hippie.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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