Fast Break: A Shot from the Past


It’s funny as March Madness began I started thinking that there aren’t many memorable College Basketball movies. I mean I watched “Glory Road” last year (which was pretty good) but overall most films on the sport focus on the high school level. Yet it’s March so I have to stick with College Basketball and luckily Sileo had somewhat of a recommendation for me: “Fast Break.”

While not necessarily the perfect movie, “Fast Break” is a comedy that tells the story of David Greene. This aspiring Coach finally gets an opportunity to join the college ranks when he takes the job at Cadwallader University in Nevada. Greene is the stereotypical Jewish New Yorker both with his standard occupation (other than coaching) as well as the way he talks. I mean it works overall but the constant lame jokes become dry at points.

Now that Coach Greene has a job he needs to recruit players and he goes right into his own backyard to get them. The 4 key players are chosen with some actually acted by real basketball players like Bernard King and Michael Warren. They travel to the small Nevada school and with a pretty mundane bench to back them up the stars easily dominate leading the team to an undefeated record.

When Greene got the job, the only way to keep it was to beat Nevada State, which fits the stereotypical big boys of the area. They are a top ten team with a legendary coach who’s a real ass. I mean that’s sports movies 101. As you might expect, it’s a tight game to end the movie as the two schools battle it out for supremacy. I won’t technically tell you what happens but you can figure it out.

What makes “Fast Break” a little different is its vulgarity and charisma. This film has no problem cursing as well as using a few racial slurs to keep the audience entertained. The players themselves are pretty interesting with one character being the ultimate pool hustler and another player being a female disguising as a boy. It’s basically the perfect collection of misfits from the 1970s.

If there is one negative to say about this movie it’s that there is nothing that special about it. Overall the film is entertaining and gives you some laughs here and there but “Fast Break” doesn’t really leave an impact. There are plenty of sport movies that people love including comedies so you need to have a certain gimmick to be memorable. Coach Greene is somewhat funny with the stereotypical Jewish style and seeing some real basketball players is kind of cool but that is nothing any other movie hasn’t already done. If this were the NCAA Tournament, “Fast Break” is basically Pittsburgh.



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