The Duke Burials

Not a whole lotta madness going down in the Sweet 16. The “L-Ville” and Orange County just turned into Beatdown Town and Chalk City.

KU, OU, Oregon and Nova are all 1s and 2s that looked like they were playing 15s and 16s. No game was even close.

All you riding Rock Chalk and Boomer Sooner in your brackets didn’t sweat for a second.

It was the rare day of the NCAA tournament where nothing insane happened.

However – something extremely predictable happened. The internet rejoiced in watching Duke get putdown. I’d love to say there are Oregon Duck fans sprouting up all over the country, who just love the way Dana Altman’s crew plays, but we all know that’s not the case.

No, this is just another example of Duke haters, worldwide, rising up and bringing their alleged lumber.

If the Tournament’s opening day is Christmas morning, Duke losing is the New Year’s party, and that bash even had the #LOLDuke trending topic.

You know what’s not worth laughing out loud at? How completely uncreative the Duke burials are. No way! Somebody slapped the Jordan crying face on Coach K!

I’ve got no dog in this fight. I didn’t go to Duke. No one in my family went to Duke. I couldn’t care less if you want tear Duke up. But if you’re going to do it, at least take an original run at ‘em. The Duke slams are tired, weak and predictable.

And besides that, who are they really coming from? 98% of the Duke mob has never been to Duke, they’ve never even met anyone from Duke, they hadn’t even watched this Duke team before last weekend. They just hate Duke because they’re following the crowd and they hated Christian Laettner 25 years ago. And it’s like they doubled down with their bonfire this year since there wasn’t one last year.

And you know why there wasn’t one last year? Because they won the freaking national title.

And there’s no shame in getting beaten by a good Oregon team in the Sweet 16 this year.  No one thought this crew was going to repeat. Hell, they actually fell out of the Top 25 this year. When was the last time that happened?. Then they showed up in the tourney, struggled against UNC Wilmington, barely survived against Yale, and just got smashed by a much better Oregon team. Stop foaming at the mouth’s like they just got Lehigh’d or Mercer’d again.

If anything, this crew may have actually overachieved. But, you know who underachieved? The deep thinkers who took one more run at a joke about Grayson Allen and Ted Cruz SORT OF looking similar. Who wins the entire tourney isn’t nearly as important to these folks as to when Duke loses it.

Members are almost as annoying as Mimes. Happy New Year’s, everybody. Hope it was worth it. You say Lol Duke, I say SMH Twitter.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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