REPORT: Chargers target 2022 opening date for downtown NFL stadium

A proposed football stadium and convention center expansion for downtown San Diego

Ben Higgins of 10News and The Mighty 1090 got some information about the San Diego Chargers’ citizen’s initiative before its official release and posted the details on his Twitter account. Below is a recounting of the most important information that he released.

It’s worth noting here that Qualcomm Stadium’s capacity was pushed over 70,000 to host the Super Bowl.

This is an important factor that the team will need to decide soon if they hope to host indoor events such as the NCAA Final Four.

$350 million is $12 million shy of what San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer had asked the Chargers to contribute, but $650 million total in private funding is a lot more than he had asked for in financing a Mission Valley stadium.

That seems very realistic, even if the plan involves buying up land in East Village and moving the MTS bus yard.

If Ben’s information turns out to be correct, this seems like a strong plan and one that the Mayor and/or other big potential allies will have a hard time disagreeing with.



4 thoughts on “REPORT: Chargers target 2022 opening date for downtown NFL stadium

  1. rickochey

    The chargers should approach APPLE to supply all the computers for a $500 million buy in. AAPL has $300 Billion in cash. Apple gets to show 65,000 people their latest technology during games and convention activities.

  2. Jack Tors

    This would be pretty awesome. I like the plan. Make all the out-of-town guests who invade our stadium pay for it! No money taken from public tax dollars. Seems like a no Brainer to keep the Chargers as part of the San Diego culture and bring even more tourism to the downtown area that benefits the entire city financially.

  3. Jack Tors

    How sad will it be though to watch the Q get demolished one day. That’s been a landmark for as long as I have been alive

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