Chargers Release Citizens’ Initiative for Downtown Stadium

San Diego Chargers downtown stadium idea

After weeks of waiting, and months of fighting, and years of trying to get a new NFL stadium built locally, the San Diego Chargers feel confident that they have a plan that is mutually beneficial for them and the City of San Diego.

If the team’s citizens’ initiative gets enough signatures (66,447) and gets enough votes once it is on the ballot, it would result in a noncontiguous convention center expansion and a new 65,000-seat stadium in the East Village section of Downtown San Diego. There would be no local taxpayer money put into the stadium project, with the Chargers and the NFL picking up 2/3rds of the bill and a raised tourism tax covering the final 1/3rd.

The team has seemingly submitted a very conservative plan, with a very conservative timeline, and left a lot to still be decided. We’ll wait to see if these concessions help them to get San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and/or Comic-Con on board.

The team posted a Q&A on their website that can help to answer many important questions about their financing plan.

You can access a draft of the Initiative here.



One thought on “Chargers Release Citizens’ Initiative for Downtown Stadium

  1. don quixote

    Let the brain washing and propaganda begin. Get the hell out of San Diego Dean Spanos. Such a sorry businessman.

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