Who’s Up Next?

I don’t know what’s going on, maybe I’m missing the new Twitter joke, maybe I’m misreading some trolling, but for two straight nights – we’ve had a national champ get crowned, and a household name get it wrong.

After North Carolina lost the national title at the buzzer on Monday night, Geraldo Rivera stopped shooting shirtless mirror selfies long enough to tweet this take: “The #carolinapanthers didn’t lose the National Championship. Villanova won it.”

You were right on both accounts, G Villanova did win it. And the Carolina Panthers did not lose it. You know, like the North Carolina Tar Heels lost the Super Bowl.

Look- I know that Cam Newton is a hell of an athlete. And the Panthers can really play some D. But I’m shocked they had the will and the grit to go right from the NFL season to the NCAA tournament and get all the way to the title game. Especially since they’re all inelligible to compete in college sports!

And really- Geraldo should be ineligible to tweet for a while. Carolina Panthers???  C’mon G-Rivs. Did you take a chair off the beak right before you tweeted that? You’re a news man. You know the team that lost was the Carolina Hurricanes…. Errr Caroline Wozniacki errrrr…. Carolina on my mind. …. Errr…. Sweet Caroline!!

That tweet was “opening-Capone’s-vault-on-live-TV-and-finding-jack-squat” bad.

And yet… You’ll never believe this, but last night it happened again. After the UConn women won a verrrrrrry competitive 31-point beatdown title game to grab their 57th championship in a row, one Michael Gerard Tyson weighed in to congratulate them. “Congrats to #universityofcincinatti Womensbasketball team for national championship win. Four years in a row. #Awesome”

Mike! Come on Mike! Cincinnati?? I mean…. Maybe an autocorrect? But probably not. I think UConn has won every single national title since before Mike was born, so it’s pretty easy to remember their name.

You could just send out a congrats UConn tweet every single April, without even seeing if they won, and you’d be right. But not Cincy.

And I hate it… because one, I love Mike: for a few reasons: one, he’s entertaining as hell now… two, he told me on my Showtime show, he once wanted to kill me… but didn’t: so I love him for that.

But the problem here is, he once had this killer -crossover with women’s hoops… remember when the Maryland Lady Terps broke their huddles by saying eat kids!! They were so inspired and motivated by Mike telling Lennox Lewis he wanted to eat his children, that’s how the Lady Terps were breaking huddles. 1-2-3, EAT KIDS!! SO AWESOME. But, now everybody WILL know MIKE for this. And I hate that.

And again – I’m just wondering who’s up next? Who’s going to tweet congratulations to the Golden State 49ers if they hold on in the west? Somebody take the baton from Big G and Iron Mike. Because the Carolina Panthers losing the NCAA title game are laughing at the Cincinnati Huskies winning it.



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