2016 San Diego Padres

I love this little sweet spot a few games into the MLB season. Because it’s not about Opening Day over reactions. It’s crazy early of course, and yet now that some teams have played 3 or 4 games- we can get that first real glimpse of who might be good- and who maybe has a serious problem.

There’s no “maybe” down the road in San Diego. There’s also no runs. I don’t think you need to be some kind of analytics prodigy to crunch this number: Through their first 3 games of the season, the 2016 Padres have scored exactly 0.0 runs.

Shouting out to you trivia nuts-  how many teams in the 1,400-year history of Major League Baseball have done that? Spoiler Alert! It’s the same number. Zero… point… Zero.

27 straight innings to start the season. That breaks the record set by… I’m not making this up… The 1943 St. Louis Browns. That team existed. They were terrible. The Padres have been worse.

Normally it’s a big surprise when you hear something hasn’t been done before, but this isn’t at all. Shut out 3 freaking times in a row to start the season??! …..AT HOME?!?!

Couple of pitchers’ duels though, right? They can’t hit but at least their pitching and defense are good. What? Did they lose- 1-0, 2-0? Try TWENTY-FIVE nothing over 3 games.

No real shame in getting blanked by Clayton Kershaw opening day. That can happen. That’s almost a badge of honor. But no honor in getting shutout by a rookie pitching his first big league game. In fact, it got so bad against Dodgers rookie starter Kenta Maeda, actually left the yard himself!


The Padres didn’t just get shut down by another pitcher… They got outscored by one!!!!!!!!! And how about first year manager Andy Green just trying to stick his fingers and his gum in the holes of the boat as it takes on water.

Let me guess – he’ going to point out that it’s a long season? Really, that’s all you CAN say.  “There is still perspective here not to be lost. We do have 159 games left. We will score runs this year, and we will win series this year.”

Straight fire, Skip. At some point – between now and September, they will score a run. But they should probably get on it. Never mind winning a series. Or a game. You gotta score a run to break that streak. Somebody lean into one. Shoot, EVERYBODY lean into one. This has to end.

They go to Colorado next, and if they can’t cross the plate at Coors Field, they can’t do it anywhere. One more outing of getting blanked and I’ll give you the exact chances of ever living this down: Zero. Point. Zero.



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