Everybody Wants Some: The College Dream

Anyone who has a traditional College experience must still miss it. No matter how many years it has been since you graduated, everyone gets nostalgic. Personally I went to the University of Illinois and I can tell you those classic university towns are exactly what the college experience is about. And the film “Everybody Wants Some” literally made me think I was back hanging with friends during those crazy college weekends.

Set in a Texas school in 1980, the movie focuses on a baseball team as they prepare for the school year. With a talented group of players returning plus some “interesting” freshmen, the team has everything you need in a core cast. There are the chill guys who know how to pick up women, the dumb ones who don’t understand sarcasm and there are even a few odd balls. While some may seem extreme at times, as a group they are perfect together. In fact almost every character has a few moments to shine.

And let’s be honest, baseball would be the perfect sport to play during college. While you may not assume it after my antics in the batting cage last year, baseball was the first sport I played. Sure I never became any good at it but there is something special about the sport especially the way you practice. Instead of running suicides or exhausting yourself in physical drills, most baseball practices are relaxed which makes them more fun. Now imagine having that laid back feel while going to college. It’s just amazing.

The best way to describe the comedy of “Everybody Wants Some” is that it’s a combination of the movie “Animal House” and the TV show “Blue Mountain State.” At times it feels like a throwback to those comedies from the 70s yet the ego and brashness of athletes makes it more modern. Their antics off the field are exactly what you would expect from jocks with plenty of practical jokes as well as crude humor. Is it immature at times? Sure but that’s what it’s like to be on a team.

But while the movie is funny, it does deal with some deeper issues. With the baseball players themselves, there is a focus on ego and that competitive edge. None of them like losing in anything and that’s what makes them so good. Although there are only a few scenes of them playing baseball, you still see the importance of the will to win along with that team mentality put in the forefront by the end of the film. Also we see characters deal with that transition from being the best to being just another guy. These players and students may have been the elite in high school but at this college they haven’t earned anything.

I laughed throughout “Everybody Wants Some” because it embodies what makes both college and baseball special. It is the immature humor; the camaraderie and the stories that make each hold a special place in my heart. As a group, the actors all do a great job of flourishing in their moments to shine and it makes you want to go back to those good old days. This is what those four years are all about.



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