The Sport’s Just Fine

BREAKING NEWS from the PGA – Jordan Spieth is not going away. Not this year. Not next year. Not for the next 25 years.

And if you didn’t load up on Spieth stock early, it’s too late now. You can’t afford it.

And nobody looks worse around Augusta than some skeptic still clinging to doubt about weather Spieth’s a golf fad, and his 2015 season was some sort of David Duval flash in the pan. That he’s just a grinder who really doesn’t do any one thing exceptionally well. Maybe not. But dude is very good at about just about anything else, and a freak between the ears.

And he proved it again, dropping a 66 on the field yesterday. Dude didn’t make a single bogey/ The only guy in the entire field to say that.

He hasn’t played very well in recent events? But he just played a flawless round in the BIGGEST event.

You want another terrible take? The one about how hard it would be for him to play well because there’s so many burdens and obligations on the returning champ. Yeah, maybe if that returning champ is Hefty and he’s over 40. You really think a 22-year old is going to get all tuckered out from some more photo ops, extra interviews and selecting the menu? The dude killed it with classic Texas barbecue and then tee’d off and started grubbing birdie sandos.

No player in 80 years has lead The Masters for 5 straight rounds. Spieth has. No returning champ in 50 years has been leading after the first round. Spieth is. And if you ask me right now – Spieth or the Field? You don’t even have to finish the question. Especially since I saw what happened to some of his competition.

Rickie Fowler – buzz killed the flatbrim Nation with an 80. Jason Day and Bubba Watson hacked up the back 9 badly. What other big name who shot a great round is going to beat him – SERGIO? Of course Serg shot 69. It’s early. It’s Thursday. He’s Thurgio Garcia. By Saturday he’ll gag and collapse. Spieth will still be sub 70 and settled in.

It’s time to stop calling Jordan Spieth the future of golf. Like he’s this emerging junior or something. He’s the present. He already has a jacket, and he’s 3 days from getting a second. Stop waiting for this dude to fall apart, because it’s not going to happen.

Go ahead and take the field- I’m taking the champ. And oh no need to rush back. Check that, EVER come back, Tiger. Spieth’s got this covered. The sport’s just fine without you.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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