The Champ’s Last Days In Houston

Does anybody remember when the Rockets landed Dwight Howard, and they introduced him at the presser with McHale, Olajuwon, Yao, and Ralph Sampson? Does DWIGHT even remember? Did that really happen? It’s a little hazy, but I’m pretty sure I can recall this notion that Dwight was going to be the next classic H-Town big man, ready to make the jump, learn from the greats and start to dominate.

Fast Forward to last night when Dwight’s fouling out of a playoff loss in a nothing-series and losing what will probably be his last road game as a Rocket.

You want an even hazier memory? I’ve got this weird one about Dwight being an LA Laker who was going to learn from Kobe how to be a killer. Looking back – in a career full of jokes that might be the worst one. That he was going to keep up with mad man Kobe Bryant. He can barely keep up with James Harden.

And if he wasn’t 6’11- you wouldn’t even notice him on the floor with Houston. The strangest thing about that loss last night was that Dwight finished with 10 and 12.  HOW?? Was he even out there? Steph Curry had more impact on the game than Dwight did. On offense- he runs down to the same spot and puts his hand in the air. On defense, he hangs around and goes for the highlight block which he almost never gets. There’s no chemistry. There’s zero star power.

He and the Beard were going to win a title together? They play like they’ve never even met each other. They look and act like they can’t stand each other. I’ve seen more chemistry from old dudes in a pickup run at LA Fitness on Sunday morning.

And considering Dwight is basically auditioning for his next job at this point – you’d think maybe he’d put his game face on for a killer series where he attacks the basket, throws bows, commits a few hard fouls – and cons another team in paying him massive money. But it’s like he’s just going through the motions on his way out of his 3rd city.

Then again, why waste the energy, when someone undoubtedly will be dumb enough to pay him again.

Million Dollar body with a ten cent head. Someone’s going to pay this dude in the offseason, and someone’s going to lose with him next season.

I’m not saying this is all on Dwight Howard. The next guy James Harden guards in this series will be the first. And blowing out a team by 38 and then losing to them, when they came in even more shorthanded, in Game 2, in your own house is as inexplicable as it is inexcusable.

And I can’t blame it all on one guy, but if there’s one guy I’m going to start with, it’s the guy you usually start with when it all comes off the rails. Dwight.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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