Conor McGregor’s ‘Retirement’ Tweet

Conor McGregor got to where he is by being totally unpredictable in the octagon. But none of his kicks or his strikes have been as out-of-nowhere as his tweet. “I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya’s later.”

150 thousand retweets and countless theories.

Was Conor rattled by witnessing the fight that killed Portuguese MMAaer Joao Carvalho last week? Makes sense. That could be considered the ultimate perspective check.

Or was this just Wildman Conor using Twitter for a promotional gag? Apparently not. Not if he’s been pulled from the UFC’s biggest event of the year, maybe its biggest event ever, UFC 200. And he has been. Dana White jerked him off the card.

So, this is no McGregor Rick Roll. So, if that’s not what this is than what… UFC President Dana White said Conor refused to break training camp in Iceland to come to Las Vegas to promote the fight. The two sides went back and forth about it and when they couldn’t work it out, it was at that point, that Conor just peaced out. I guess.

But I’m buying it. Not yet. Look, if this is actually real, and Conor is saying this isn’t worth it, I’ve got a bunch of money, I want to go back to Ireland, not get my head kicked in and be a hero for the rest of my life – give him huge props and get him a tall pint. But if this is his way of muscling the UFC: he needs to wake up. Because – that’s  not going to happen.

Dana White is not going to come crawling back with a truck full of cash and beg Conor to reconsider. Conor may be White’s biggest draw. But Dana can rattle off a dozen fighters who used to be the biggest draw.

I’m still a huge Conor McGregor fan. But this cat has to know he needs the UFC way more than the UFC needs him.

Remember when Bones Jones was the Jordan of the sport? Or when Chuck Liddell was the face of the sport? Or Ronda Rousey for that matter? All the biggest thing in the sport at one time. But never bigger than the sport.

Dana White doesn’t WANT to… But he will say goodbye to Conor McGregor. He’s already putting together a new fight for Nate Diaz. He’s already rearranging the card for UFC 200. And you can assume with or without Conor, UFC 200 is going to be a big deal.

Personally- I think the dude is fascinating, and I love watching him fight. And it’s hard for me to believe that someone who came from having “nothing in my pockets but holes” to dressing like El Chapo in his prime, just a few short years later, would just up and walk away from all this: from the life, the money, the fame and the adulation: all things he loves.

I’m supposed to believe he’s going to walk away from all that after a bad loss that dinged his cred and rep. That’s the way this fierce warrior wants to go out? Doubt that.

Something still stinks about this. Somebody as passionate about their sport as McGregor doesn’t quit because of a long flight with too many layovers.

More likely, it’s his way of trying to remind Dana White that he’s not an employee of the company, but rather a partner; an owner. And really, the biggest reason that company even exists. But that’s where he’s wrong. He is just an employee. And that’s a fight McGregor just can’t win. White has way more experience and resources. That’s Dana’s sport. His cage. Conor can’t beat him there. And if he continues to insist on that brawl, McGregor v. White will end just like McGregor v. Diaz…with the Notorious getting choked and tapping out.



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