Roger Goodell & Dean Spanos on Chargers stadium, optimism and the Mayor

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell discusses his support of the Chargers signature-gathering signature campaign, keeping the Bolts in town and what he thinks of Mayor Kevin Faulconer not attending. Dean Spanos on the overwhelming support from Chargers fans and why he’s optimistic something can get done.



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3 thoughts on “Roger Goodell & Dean Spanos on Chargers stadium, optimism and the Mayor

  1. funisalwaysnumberone

    Goodell and his Buddy Spanos should Uber on up to Inglewood and get to work. Once we raise the Hotel Tax it becomes OUR MONEY. We have many other things to do with it than to give these carpetbaggers our cash to do business ten days per year. As for concerts and other events, we already have Petco downtown to handle those.

    Expand the Convention Center the correct way, aggressively market San Diego to the big conventions, and tell these freeloaders there are suckers in LA willing to build your business space.

  2. funisalwaysnumberone

    You won’t see me at the ballot box. I’m in orth county so I’ll just watch Spanos and the NFL take you to the financial woodshed AGAIN!!

    Your hero can’t even tell you what the thing will cost, what looks like, or if it will even have a roof on it. But hey, why not give the billionaire who hasn’t done one charitable thing for this community another billion dollars for ten days per year of “entettainment” at a hundred or so bucks a seat and a twelve dollar beer. Don’t forget to bring twenty five to park.

    Spanish will take your money, give you the cost over-runs, stick you with the maintenance, and help us lose the big conventions that have explicitly stated their desire for contiguous convention space. The conventions will go elsewhere, just like carpetbagger Spanos has been trying to do for a decade.

    Bankrupt your budget but we’re not helping you line the billionaire pockets for ten days a year. Stamps will own you just like he did with the ticket guarantee and the Qualcomm debt you’ll be paying off.

    Vote yourself into another sweet deal with the thief who has already cleaned your clock time and time again.