Blues Kill Mason Storm

Lemme get a hockey horn up in here, and let me give some huge dap to the St. Louis Blues. They didn’t just win a Game 7, they staked a vampire.

The Blues just put down the NHL’s Steven Seagal. I don’t mean the one you see now with the spray on hair, the Triple-XL komono for his fake karate demos. I mean the dude 25 years ago who sat in a coma for a decade. Guy wasn’t out of that coma for 10 seconds before he was snapping necks and having sex.

The one you see on TNT, not TMZ.

Because the Blackhawks are Hard to Kill. 3 cups in 6 years. They’ve been there. They’ve bled. They don’t blink.

Look at the way they fought the Blues in this series. Chicago fell behind 3 games to 1. Won game 5 in double O.T.. Then fell behind 3-1 in Game 6, another elimination game before storming back to win that and force a Game 7. Last night they were down 2-nothing, before battling back yet again to tie it up. You cannot kill the Champs. They just won’t die.

They might as well be dressed in black sweaters with pony tails hanging out of their helmets and samurai swords instead of hockey sticks. They don’t’ know when they’re beat. Or they don’t’ care. They’ll roll a cue ball up in a napkin and knock your teeth out with it.


And that’s why St. Louis looks so badass. Because they’re the ones who had that rap of not getting over the hump. They shed that stigma. They killed Seagal. And they dropped the rep of tightening up in big games.

Fact is – I’ve never seen them play looser. St. Louis typically plays a pretty rigid, conservative game on offense. In the biggest game of their lives – they showed up loose. They took chances. They didn’t play conservation, risk free hockey. They didn’t play not to lose and it worked.

They had Blackhawk fans taking over their house. They have everyone in the world waiting for them to blow it. They blew a two-goal lead. It was all supposed to collapse on them. But they stayed down, kept their heads, clutched up – and were at their coolest when the pressure was most intense.

Again – big time respect to the Blues. They didn’t just win the series. They killed Mason Storm. St. Louis took big step towards Lord Stanley, with a huge night for Senator Trent, Screwface and Richie. That was brass, and you can take that to the bank.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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