Book Club Guy

If I was to ask you – What current NFL player just started his own book club? Who would you guess.

Bear in mind… he didn’t do it as a joke. Or for the punchline in some viral video. With some players, you’re lucky if they even open their Playbook. But one player is looking to change all that, one page turner at a time.

Two huge clues: The player who started the book club, is the sole remaining member of the flip phone club. Take it away, Andy!


Do you, Andy. Never change.

Some jerks might want to poke fun at this, but I like it. I just hope Andy’s teammates will like it too. Because while we all know that reading is “fundamental!” – Book Club guy can make you want to fundamentally punch him.

I don’t’ think this is Andy… But for most people, they join a book club – because they want to TELL people they joined a book club. They may not have cracked a single cover – but they’re going to tell you that they joined the club.

CrossFit guy thinks they’re proud of themselves. Vegan Guy thinks he should stop harassing people to join him.

Most of the time – Book Clubs exist for two reasons: For housewives to get together once a week to slam Chardonnay, pretend they read some Toni Morrison novel, and try to discuss about it for 5 minutes before they just start talking junk about their husbands. OR, apparently- for franchise quarterbacks to encourage everyone around them to enjoy their free time with the lost art of reading.

Again – I like that he’s trying. But you have to walk a line. Because the worst part about an earnest, excited Book Club Guy-  is him constantly checking in with you to see how you’re enjoying the book. Hey man- how are you enjoying Treasure Island? Facetime me when you finish Chapter 10. Aren’t you just loving James and The Giant Peach?? If you’ve already finished it – DON’T SPOIL IT FOR ME! Where are you on The Count of Monte Cristo?  

Uh, where am I? I don’t know – page zero? I don’t even know where the book is. Probably in my car where I left it.

I just wonder if this is going to really take over the Colts locker room. Not like this is the kicker starting a book club. It’s the Chise. You sort of have to play along.

And I can’t wait to hear that Andy is chatting up T.Y. Hilton about Charles Dickens. Hey Coach Pagano- on the plane to Jacksonville – Let’s talk Jane Austen! Did you forget your copy of Sense & Sensibility? No worries, you can use mine.i’ve read it twice already LOL.  

Book club guy is a lot to handle. Andrew Luck is trying to win the AFC and become Oprah Winfrey. In the same year.

Lock and load and read up, Indy. Because here’s your 2016 goals: Beating the Texans, the Jags, and the Titans. And reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.



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