Chris Mullin talks Golden State, Steph Curry injury, and more

When recruiting young basketball players to St. John’s University, head coach and Hall of Famer Chris Mullin tells kids ball movement, unselfishness, and team basketball is his style of play. Considering Mullin can use his record-setting Golden State Warriors, Mullin’s former team, as an example of that play, it makes his job a lot easier.

“I think it’s great. It’s great for the sport,” Mullin said about Golden State’s style on The Jim Rome Show. “All those kids watching Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, not only the shooting, but the underrated part of their game is their unselfishness on both ends of the court.”

Mullin said Golden State’s head coach Steve Kerr has done an excellent job of maximizing each player’s strengths and getting all of his players to buy in.

“Curry might be one of the best screeners in the NBA, much like John Stockton was, and that’s a very unselfish play. A lot of times it leads to baskets for himself, but other times, he’s getting his teammates open,” Mullin said. “And I just think they have good character guys. They’re very talented, and I think they are also very comfortable playing within their strengths. I mean, they don’t try and overdo it, they’re just a joy to watch.”

Although, now that Mullin is living in New York, the Warriors have ruined his sleep schedule.

“They kill my sleep habits,” Mullin laughed. “The east coast, they keep me up all night. I have to watch the whole game. They’re so entertaining.”

As a Golden State legend himself, Mullin shared his thoughts on Steph Curry’s Grade 1 MCL sprain.

“In the realm of things, they got good news. It’s a sprain,” Mullin said “Two weeks, give it another week sometimes, so that’s in the overall scheme of things, good news.”

Mullin said it’s funny how quickly things can change, and for about 24 hours, the news of Curry’s injury was a lot worse than it is now.

“If the Clippers are whole, they’re probably a major threat, but then, the next night, the Clippers lose Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, and now you might be looking at the Warriors can buy some more time for Steph,” Mullin said. “So I think they will be fine, I think they will be able to weather the storm, and when he gets back, I think he just takes a little time to get the rust off and they should be ok.”



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