The NBA Playoffs Are Officially Lit

We can now safely say it – The NBA Playoffs are officially lit. Five minutes ago it felt like every series in the West was going to be a sweep and everyone in the East was irrelevant. Brutal.

We don’t all gut out an 82 game marathon regular season so we can yawn through some four-game playoff sparring sessions. Bunch of teams down 2-0. Some teams looking like they WISHED they were down 4-0. And everybody just sitting around counting down the days til Spurs-Warriors. Bring us the headliner!

This is the NBA  playoffs! It’s supposed to be fantastic! Where’s the action?? Well, it’s happened. It’s here. And it’s suddenly everywhere. This thing came alive on us.

Ask the Pacers if this opening round is a nap-out. Last night’s 4th quarter was for them. Because they let the Raps drop a 23-2 run to blow a 15-point fourth quarter lead.

Northern Iowa blowing a 50 point lead in 3 seconds during the Madness is gawking at the Pacers.

But that series is no outlier. Atlanta rolled the Celtics, they go back to Boston, that series could easily go 7.

And how about the Heat? As hilarious as it would be to see Bron’s old buddies upset the Cavs, it’d be even funnier if WOW got knocked off by Linsanity and the Hornets. And at 2-2, that might actually happen. Heat fans don’t show up for the first quarter. The Heat have stopped showing up for the first round. That’s ANOTHER series that could go 7.

Not the Clippers-Blazers series though. That one’s gone complete Shakespearean.  Full tragedy. Blake Griffin – now out for the playoffs. CP3 – out “indefinitely.”

I flirted with the idea yesterday, but now that Griff’s done – I can say it. That was the worst night in Clippers history.

Just think about that. Because all those years of embarrassment on the floor came when they were in the basement. This rug-rip of losing their two best players comes when they have a shot to shock the world in the playoffs. Now they’re only shot at shocking anybody would be winning one more game against Portland.

And of course – so are the Warriors. I hate that Steph Curry got injured. But it adds an extra shot of intrigue into their run. I wasn’t one of these tools that said the Warriors dominance was “bad for basketball” , – but I’m saying I’m intrigued to see how they show up in the next round without the MVP.

Oh but wait… They’re not even there yet. Because even this corpse of a series with Houston has still got a little somethin’. Specifically -from post season “made guy” and veteran gun-for-hire Jet Terry, who straight up Guarantees the Rockets are going to beat Golden State tonight. Of course he does. The Jet’s not afraid to take a shot. And the Jets’s not afraid to call one.

These playoffs got crazy. Shots fired. Come backs. Set backs. Idiot blasts. These playoffs have ARRIVED, and it’s about freaking time.





This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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