Chargers select pass-rusher Joey Bosa with 3rd overall pick

DS Joey Bosa

With the 3rd overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers selected Joey Bosa from Ohio State University.

Bosa is definitely the best pass-rusher in this draft, as well as a player that could help the Chargers improved on their league-worst rushing defense.

Standing 6’6″ and weighing in at 275 lbs, Bosa racked up 26 sacks and 148 tackles (including 51 tackles for loss) in three seasons with the Buckeyes.

The pick of Bosa was a bit of a surprise, if only because it is thought that Bosa may not fit in the Chargers current scheme. He’s a bit of a “tweener”, not quite a 3-4 DE or 3-4 OLB. It will be interesting to see how Chargers Defensive Coordinator John Pagano finds ways to get Bosa on the field and in the middle of the action.


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