Joey Bosa – Love/Hate the pick?

Scott and BR, Dan Sileo, and Burt Grossman weigh in on the Chargers selection of Joey Bosa with the number three overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.



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6 thoughts on “Joey Bosa – Love/Hate the pick?

  1. Aaron Shoup

    Scott is clearly drunk. He is not a defensive end in a 3-4, you already have a bunch of outside linebackers, and he is not an elite passrusher! Why would you draft a slow passrusher when you have holes at D Line and in the secondary? Telesco and Spanos are morons! We are looking at 2-14 this year! I give up. Every year it’s the same.

  2. Juan Campos

    Why do you say he is not an elite pass rusher?, he is, and he is also an elite run stopper, dude, you better get your sources right, I understand you not getting the guy you wanted, neither did I, but that does not make Bosa bad, he is a gifted and well prepared kid, I think he’ll do just fine.