Save Yourself, Steph

Here we go. Second round in the Association. It’s the NBA’s Elite 8.

And it took Golden State about 12 minutes to know they don’t have to worry. Because that’s how long it took Klay Thompson to get 18 and the Warriors to go up 20.

Has a series ever been called over after the first game’s first quarter? I’m not doing it. Portland has firepower, and they’re not going to roll over.

But if I’m Steve Kerr – Steph Curry’s not lacing up either. Not for a long time.

Steph says he’s optimistic he can go in Game 3. – Of what, Steph – the Spurs series. I love that dude wants to get back out there. But straight up – they don’t need him back out there. Not for this series.

And even if he can’t make the injury any worse by giving it a go, better to get as much rest and time for rehab as possible. The Warriors are still a GREAT team without Steph. With him, they’re one of the best ever. Without him, they’re still great.

Game 1 was just a Golden State mixtape of what we’ve been saying all year. Golden State is more than just The Steph Show: Klay’s the planet’s second best shooter, Kerr runs the rotation 11-men deep, Shaun Livingston has NBA starter game, and freaking Draymond’s statline sounds like a social security number: 23-13-11-3-1-in-37minutes. It’s a joke.

Golden State is about more than just Shooting: Ask Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. Those two gunners just shot 13-43 against the Warriors D. Golden State ended up winning by 8. It could have been 30. Never in doubt for half a second, with the MVP on the bench. It’s not even fair.

Take LeBron off the Cavs. Rip KD off the Thunder. Shoot take Lillard off Portland. None of those teams are here right now. I could rant on and on about how good Golden State still is without their best player, but I could never sell it quite like one of the best players ever.

Erv, the floor is yours. Break down the Warriors. “With Steph Curry on the floor the Golden State Warriors are a championship team! Without him they are still a very good team!” MIC DROP NAPALM BLAST. STRAIGHT FIRE!

That’s why Maj is Maj.

That’s why the Blazers, as good as they are, are in over their heads. It’s not their fault. Golden State is breaking the game. And Steph Curry’s knee should take a nice, fat, week long ice bath- because his dudes still don’t need him. Last thing they need, is for him to come back too soon, re-aggravate the knee or the ankle or both and then shut him down for the rest of the postseason.

They’re good enough to beat Houston and Portland without him, but I’m not sure they do the Spurs, without the MVP given the beating they just gave the Thunder and that they won 67 this season. They don’t need you to rush back for this fight. Save yourself for the next one.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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