Kawhi’s Arm Tackle

Question: Is it too much to ask from the NBA that we get a great game without the referees trying to ruin it? Answer: HELL YES it is.

I can’t stand talking about officiating. I hate referee radio. But I don’t have a choice when I see Kawhi Leonard try to arm tackle Westbrook and not even get a whistle. You’ve seen it. You’ve probably tweeted it. With under 10 seconds to play, OKC had the ball and a one-point lead. The Spurs had to foul. The Spurs did foul. And apparently the ref was checking his phone.

What’s worse than missing Kawhi’s obvious foul? The terrible make-up call at the rack for the and-1.

Listen- I know it’s not easy. I know it’s the hardest game to officiate. But that was not a hard call. You know San Antonio has to foul there. How are you not ready for it? It’s like a little league coach yelling at his players in the infield- to know what to do if the ball comes at them. Only the refs didn’t.

And don’t tell me they missed it. You had the defensive player of the year with his 19-foot wingspan wrap his mitts around Russ’s waist.

The problem is, if you’re not going to call that, then next time Kawhi’s going to lay his shoulder into the guy.

Intentional fouls can get dicey. If you’re not going to give them the whistle, you’re going to make dudes go Chuck Cecil. But then again, in the ref’s defense- they only made one, obvious, inexcusable mistake in the closing seconds. That’s progress. Back in Game 2- the NBA admits they made FIVE! I just want to get through one crazy game without a controversy.

And, I’d also like to get through the next day without a controversy. You won’t believe this – but some bloodhounds down in San Antonio think the NBA is trying to keep them out of the Conference Finals, one missed whistle at a time.

Sure, I can see that. The league doesn’t want San Antonio’s small media market in the spotlight again. They’d rather have the massive international media hub of OKLAHOMA CITY.

The NBA doesn’t want to see the Spurs tie Jordan’s Bulls with 6 rings. And it definitely doesn’t’ want to see a playoff series between two of the all-time great regular season teams.

You honestly think the NBA is conspiring against Spurs-Warriors? The whole world has been waiting EIGHT months for it…but with a week out, the Association is telling their refs to pull the plug on it. Even Wily ol Davey Stern wouldn’t do that.

Spurs fans, you’ve been through enough battles- you’re better than that. And if the Refs have proven one thing – they don’t need to be under orders to blow games, they can do it just fine on their own.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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