Take-Mac Takes A Blow Torch To Steph

Steph Curry wasn’t crowned the first ever unanimous MVP for 10 seconds before a hot taker flipped down his welding mask and took a blow torch to him.

Of all people, Tracy McGrady, was stoking the charcoal and coming in smokin’ on Steph. T-Mac said on ESPN: “For him to get this unanimously, it just tells you how watered down our league is. When you think of MJ, Shaq… I mean those guys really played against top notch competition. More superstars, I think, on more teams, than it is in our league today. But it’s well deserved. He had a hell of a season.”

Sweet save right at the end there, Take-Mac! He only got this because he doesn’t play against good players. It doesn’t really mean much. He didn’t really earn it. BUT! … It’s well deserved!  

You know what’s well deserved- the blowback Take-Mac is getting because of this little bonfire. There’s no good players in the league? No superstars? Trace- there were at least 3 guys in the game last night alone with MVP game.

Right, right- records are getting shattered, dunks are breaking physics, and there’s noise about moving back the 3-point line because nobody in the NBA can play anymore. LeBron. Russ. KD. Kahwi. Kyrie. Paul George. John Wall. Boogie Cousins. James Harden. Damian Lillard. Anthony Davis. And that’s just off the top of my head.

Just once I want to hear someone who’s actually still playing try to diss Steph. It’s always a grandpa like Oscar Robertson or a has-been like Tracy McGrady.

No current player is going to say jack about Steph – because they all know they can’t stop him.

If the old guard wants to think the NBA used to be better-  go ahead. But don’t tell me there used to be better talent. Because now point guards who dunk like power forwards are the norm. Guys who go 6’10 used to be centers. Now they’re 3-point shooters.

The skill sets out there are insane. And Steph’s is better than all of them.   You know why Steph got the first unanimous vote? Because he was the best player on the best regular season team ever. Because no self-serving basketball writer decided to make it about himself and vote against him. Because Steph wouldn’t let them. And the only thing can see that needs to be watered down… Are the the Pipin’ hot flames coming off T-Mac’s take.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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