Space Jam Remake Is Catching Heat

Funny thing about LeBron’s remake of Space Jam- I haven’t received my offer yet. I’ve been sent no script. I’ve been cut no check. And yet the project is reportedly moving ahead.

However… this new Space Jam is catching hell from the visionary who directed the first one. Director Joe Pytka has some advice for the new crew: Don’t do it. “Don’t do it. It’s doomed. When we did Space Jam, there was a perfect storm of players and ex-players available — Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing. They all had a persona that complemented the film.  There are none around like that now. .. Michael Jordan was the biggest star in the world.”

And it’s toss/up if LeBron is even the biggest star in the NBA anymore.

Fact is, this movie is checking in a bit late. Where was it 3-4 years ago when Bron was truly in the heart of his prime? And let me ask this: How’s it going to jump off the marquee if Bron gets crushed in the Finals? Or what if things get crazy and he doesn’t even GET to the Finals? OG Space Jam dropped for Mike when he was fresh off his 4th title.

You really expect movie goers to believe Bron can beat the Mon-stars if he can’t even beat the Raptors?? Look, we all love Roadhouse. But the fact is that Ronda Rousey re-boot didn’t exactly have the same buzz after Holly Holm re-booted her face.

When you do these projects, you want to have the blessing of the people who did it first. Robert Zemeckis on a Back to the Future remake “Oh God no.”

Gene Wilder on Johnny Depp taking over the chocolate factory “Why the hell would you remake Willy Wonka?”

And now Joe Pytka is saying Space Jam is doomed. Bron’s not Mike. His Banana Boaters aren’t The Hick and Chuck.

He has a point. Now…that said… it’s a point that will be rendered moot the second Bron wakes the hell up and says Get Van Smack in here and let’s do this right.

Heed my words here, Bron: You don’t do a remake without playing tribute to the original. So come and get the star of the original. And hurry, because at this point, you waited so long, I’m not even sure I’ll be available.




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