Joshua Perry on whirlwind week with Chargers, rooming with Bosa & learning from the vets

Chargers rookie LB Joshua Perry on a whirlwind week with the Bolts, rooming with Joey Bosa and learning from Manti Te’o and Denzel Perryman.



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20 thoughts on “Joshua Perry on whirlwind week with Chargers, rooming with Bosa & learning from the vets

  1. buckeye54

    Joshua Perry is a very articulate young man. It appears that TT not only some good football payers, but quality young men as well.

  2. Freetoner

    Lol. You wish, it took Te’o 3 seasons just to be the defacto starting ILB that stays on all downs( you need to be play caller and know how to pass cover) and that position was already his when he got drafted after making a stellar 7 interceptions during his senior year at Notre Dame, you think a mid rounder will just come in and take it? Lmao, it also took Butler 2 and a half season of poor play especially in coverage for Te’o to take over his spot, too bad for you, it might take 10 seasons of Te’o giving up plays to equal Butlers decline to be replace so you have a long time to wait. start brewing the coffee!

  3. DrJWC

    Okay, so…Te’o didn’t take Butlers job, hmmm they were on the field at the same time since we run a 4-2-5 most of the time, which has 2 ILB on the field at the same time. Therefore, Te’o didn’t take his spot, that was Perryman that took Butler’s spot. You should probably check your facts before posting. 2nd, I don’t dislike Te’o, I think he is an okay tackler, but Perry is a much better tackler, more instinctive, and more athletic. If Perryman can take over for Butler in the middle of the year, what makes you think Perry cannot do the same? Maybe, maybe not! Jatavis brown, might even take over Te’o role since he is a better tackler and wicked fast. He can cover WR/TE/RB’s as well. But, then again maybe Te’os play will improve now that we have Membane and Bosa to stop the run, you never now!

  4. Freetoner

    Actually Te’o did take Butlers job as the pass cover LB, Te’o spend his first two seasons only playing first and second downs and was taken out on 3rd/passing plays or nickel even though Te’o was the better pass covering prospect coming out of college, remember now Butler made( used to) interceptions so they weren’t about to just hand it over to Te’o, at best, we were to have supposedly two good pass cover LBs even though Te’o role was limited and strictly a two down player but hey now they pass on first down and second downs too rwhen they’re both on the field right?

    Butler monumentally sucked until they benched him, Te’o took over his spot, Perryman is now the two down back, that’s what he was last season as a rookie and that’s what Te’o was his rookie season by the 3rd after he healed from injury.

    So you see the entry position for linebackers to enter the starting line up is occupied by a player you gush over? Huh? You salivate on the Perryman don’t you? Fat chance any rookie starts unless Perryman just plays terrible lol.

    Perryman is second in line to take over pass coverage but its not his strong suit, if he doesn’t show improvements but Perry does and Perry masters the playbook, it will be Perry who will take over, Te’o will need to severely suck for Te’o to be benched and you won’t see any thoughts on changes until two seasons from now especially if they resigned Te’o. So yeah at best you can wish for this season is for the rookie to gather his bearings and not be a liability when he sub’s in for Te’o.

  5. Freetoner

    Also Jatavis Brown a cover back? We already have safeties like Addae who share responsibilities in pass coverage with LBs especially in zone coverage( Te’o covers TE in his zone then pass them off down field to the safeties zone), Why wouldn’t they just used a safety who can tackle like linebackers and play pass cover better? Brown will need to earn his role, its never handed to you and its easier said than done!

  6. DrJWC

    There is a new position that is starting to emerge in the NFL. Hybrid ILB/safety. This is the reason Brown was drafted. Instead of the ILB passing him off to the safety, he will become a hybrid safety on passing downs only. Both Seattle and Carolina is using this formation. Its weird, but is effective. Te’o kinda does the same thing, but really isnt fast enough to cover fast TE’s and slot WR’s, buts Jatavis is. The problem is, I dont think any one LB will be able to call the plays like Te’o can. He has learned a lot from Weddle, and keeps his nose in the books. Hopefully he plays better this year and learns to tackle from Perry,am or even Perry. If not , Perry might take his place. I heard Membane is one hell of a play caller, so that might make the difference if Te’o is off the field.

  7. Freetoner

    lol Brown is a small linebacker and he struggled at getting off blocks and doesn’t play as fast as his time inidicate, just cause you have a blazing 40 doesn’t mean you’re fast to play, Gachkar ran a 4.58 40yard dash and was bigger than Brown but you didn’t see Pagano using him to cover tight ends. Also he is not aware in coverage, saw one play where the running back was wide open for a dump off and he failed to cover him in the game vs Oklahoma, that’s who linebackers cover too, one ILB covers the tight end, the other covers the running back in the running and passing game, the only thing hes good at is spying on QB which should be good against AlexSmith or Sanchez. True hybrids are big at over 6 feet who are fast and can cover and can hit hard. You need to wait 3 seasons and see his he develops before you even think hes capable of anything, for now he plays on special teams.

  8. DrJWC

    Yes small for an OLB, not for a hybrid safety/ILB on 3rd down. Have to agree he more than likely IS A STer until he can learn the play book. Look at most safeties in the league, they are around his size. Just because you saw a few plays that he didn’t make in college doesn’t mean he cannot play this role. You obviously havent seen Jatavis run sideline to sideline. He is a bunner. You did make my point just now, that Te’o didn’t take Butlers spot, lol. Another thing is, most hybrid safeties don’t work out. But my hopes are high lol.

  9. Freetoner

    No I didn’t make your point, my post got deleted, Butler was the 3rd down back and Te’o was the two down back who got taken out of obvious passing downs or nickel packages, Te’o took his job when he screwed up and Perryman took his.

    The entry level position to playing as a starter is where Perryman is playing and unless Perryman plays poorly, you will not see any of the linebackers play unless its garbage time. So no Brown or Perry won’t just come in and take over for Te’o, it doesn’t work like that, even when Butler was benched and Te’o was two seasons into his career, he actually didn’t take over thee spot right away, Pagano had Gachkar playing that role before Te’o took over mostly because Gachkar was the veteraran. You have a right to your opinions not your facts and its clear to me you lack knowledge on this which I’m not chiding you for, most fans don’t and its not a big deal.

    Also real Hybrids are guys like KamChancellor, he’s taller than most linebackers at six four and weighs almost 230 pounds, Brown is not even 212 pounds, he’s small, not as fast, isn’t aware in coverage, do I need to remind you hes a 5th rounder? Brown is not even nearly as good as Gachkar was so don’t get ahead of yourself. He will define himself as a player like most mid rounders do so we will see, I see him like Gachkar, picked mid round and a career special teamer.

  10. DrJWC

    Lol, you are funny. Yes you did prove my point and thank you. Don’t get mad. You do have skewed facts, lol. You don’t even know that there is a difference in the ILB position. Butler and Te’o play two completely different positons. Gachkar came in for Butler by the way. J. Brown is 222, and to say he isnt fast is just ridiculous, so wrong again. Therefore, I will not debate with you any longer since you have no knowledge of the player positions. Maybe you should go to BFTB and read some of KP’s posts before you write haphazardly. Believe what want. Bolt up!

  11. DrJWC

    No wrong again imbicil. Don’t Google it! Go read a real break down on the position you moron. The only ugly trait here is not of personality, but of you inferior intelligence. You are one of the most ignorant fans I have come across, and it is a shame you are a Chargers fan. You are clearly uneducated, obtuse, and simple-minded.

  12. DrJWC

    You didn’t even know what the hybrid position was, lol. Hella lame.
    Hahahahahahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh. You are so dimwitted it’s unbelievable. Hahaha hahaha have. Bolt up moron!

  13. Freetoner

    Google? I watch games myself and take note what goes on each game over the years, youre a moron who doesn’t even know how to spell imbecile when trying to call someone one much less football positions. You do a good job embarrassing yourself, I don’t even need to chew you out, its a waste of time bestowing knowledge on those struggling and hard at learning anyways, bet you struggled learning in school, you look in the mirror and see the dimwit you see in me huh? Pity.

  14. DrJWC

    Lol, you don’t watch nothing. You are some pimple faced little girl. The only thing you are bestowing is frivolous crap. By way your 2nd to last sentence has a comma splice, lol. It needs a semicolon, or a period. What a moron. So, I know you never went to college. Hahaha hahaha. Thanks for the laugh little girl. I give 2 f@#$s about my grammar. Hahaha hahaha hahaha. Bolt up Moron! Then you say chew you out, Hahaha hahaha. Thanks for the laugh.

  15. DrJWC

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha. You have no idea how to properly punctuate, no idea what a hybrid safety was, and still no idea what the difference is between the ILB positions. HahahaHahaha hahaha. No idea! Then you try to Google the position and plagiarize it like it’s your own idea. Hahaha hahaha. I would tell you to go back to school, but I wouldn’t want to waste any more of the tax payers money little girl. Hahaha hahaha hahaha. Bolt up!