Worst Firing Ever

The Atlanta Braves are the worst team in baseball. And now they’ve whacked their manager with the worst firing I’ve ever heard of.

It’s one thing if you want to pin this trash pile on Fredi Gonzalez. If you start 9-29, somebody’s gotta get fired. But nobody deserved to get fired via airline confirmation. Let alone a tenured baseball man like Gonzalez with a good record and 5 years as your manager.

But that’s apparently how it went down. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, shortly after the Braves loss in Pittsburgh on Monday, Gonzalez got an email notifying him of his flight to Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon. Problem is, the team still had 6 more games on their road trip. But the team wasn’t planning on telling him he was fired until the next morning.

That is so sloppy and bush league.

Can you imagine Gonzalez calling the traveling secretary? Hi, it’s Fredi, I just got this weird email saying I’m flying to Atlanta tomorrow. Must be a mistake because we’ve got 3 more games here in Pittsburgh before we head to Philly.

Dude probably freaked out and faked like he had a bad signal and then turned his phone off.

That re-defines the low point of firing. Firing somebody with a phone call is bad enough. Firing with a text message is pathetic. Why not just have @Braves announce that Gonzalez is canned on Twitter? They booked him on a commercial flight, without even telling him! I bet he’s riding coach. I bet they make him pay for his bags. Better yet, I bet they slammed him onto Southwest and skip’s gonna be herded like cattle right into boarding Group C.

I’m just happy they didn’t put him on a bus. That email could have easily been from Greyhound. Maybe they should have just hired one of those pilots to fly a plane over the ballpark with a sign that says Fredi You’re Fried.

That couldn’t have been handled worse if they’d waited til the team got home, and then threw a trivia question on the jumbotron at Turner Field. ALL RIGHT BRAVES FANS,  WHICH TEAM EMPLOYEE IS GOING TO BE FIRED THE SECOND THIS GAME IS OVER??   A. Manager Fredi Gonzalez. Or B. Manager Fredi Gonzalez???

Or maybe you just un-check that little “Send Notification e-mail to passenger” box when you’re booking travel for your fired manager before you even tell him. Or better yet- you have a sit-down with the manger and tell him face to face before you click on a hot rate you saw on Expedia. I get that time is money. Those seats go fast. And this season has been a tragedy, but you can’t fire a guy via Travelocity.



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