Steph’s 3rd Elbow

You want a Man’s Game? How about Steph dropping five 3s with three elbows? Is @stephsthirdelbow a parody twitter account yet? Because he was growing one right in the middle of the game.

He went into the crowd after a loose ball in the first quarter and Steph hit the deck.

First of all- what’s wrong with you, Warrior fan? How do you not catch the guy before he eats the floor? That’s like the lead singer who goes for the stage dive and everybody just gets the hell out of the way and lets him break his face in the mosh pit. How court-sider of you not to catch Steph.

This isn’t like Big Andy Bogut left his feet and you sacrifice yourself for a 7-footer. Steph weighs less than half the nacho-grubbers who watched him stick the landing with his elbow. And that thing was engorging before he even got on his feet. Quoting Draymond Green “His elbow is definitely a little puffy.”

Dray- he’s got a freaking grapefruit growing off his arm. If somebody stabbed that thing it would flood the stadium. And yet, it didn’t even bother him.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Steph actually liked having three elbows. He should have ended the second half by dropping an elbow on the scorer’s table so he could have 4. But he acted like that swelling was just an Allen Iverson shooting sleeve. It actually made him better.

Safe to say, if most dudes started sprouting another appendage out of their shooting arm, they’d probably trip. I don’t think Hasim Rahman was going to knock out the Real Deal once he started growing a head out of his head.

But crazy Steph? The guy had a basketball growing on his elbow – and he’s styling 3s before they even drop. That’s one of the coolest looks in sports. And he’s really the only guy who consistently does it.

I don’t see quarterbacks jogging to the sideline before their deep ball is even caught. I don’t see golfers high five their caddy before the putt even drops. But Steph will give you a nice little stare-down about a shot that he hasn’t even made yet. And he’ll do it with Cuato growing off his elbow.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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