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Breaking news from 2013: Things were really jacked up between Mike Shanahan and RG3.

I love a good Robert Griffin III story, it’s just that I kind of feel like I know them all already.

But theundefeated.com is telling another one, they talked to Mike Shanahan, and this chapter is about the time 3 years ago when then-Redskins QB RG3 called a meeting with Shanahan and two assistants.

In this meeting, Bob told them to let him speak without interruption, and broke out a marker board to explained that there were 19 plays in the playbook that he would no longer run, because he was a pocket passer.

Ok, and? Look if it’s anybody else, I’m entertained as hell by a young QB dictating terms and asking for silence from a head coach who won 2 Super Bowls. But we’re talking about the same QB who was once having his negative plays edited out of film sessions. Of course he wrote out his terms on the marker board. I’m surprised he didn’t have a laser pointer, role-playing puppets, and a sendoff goodie bag with different motivational nick-nacks for the coaches to take home.

We get it. Dan Snyder loved Bob Griffin. Bob Griffin loved Bob Griffin. And Mike Shanahan hated him.

I don’t know why Shanny is sitting down 3 years later to take a bat to him. Griffin’s in a new town, with a new team, and by all appearances he’s exactly the same guy. I didn’t need Shanny to tell me that. I can just look at Bobby’s twitter. “How does a man hit a target he can not see? The better question is how does a man hit a target he does not have? #foodforthought” Nice to see Griff brought his 78th grade diary with him to Cleveland. 

Typical, lame, passive-aggressive, cryptic tweet where he thinks he’s laying some dude out. That’s weak. Either say it or don’t. I’m sure the Browns fans will just love that. Meat and Potatoes stuff right there.

As for you, Shanman. Let it go. He’s not your problem anymore. We know he’s not a pocket passer. He’s a coffee shop poet with a Heisman trophy. I don’t need to hear the old stories anymore. That era is over. I want to hear the new Bobby stories that actually matter. “No pressure, No Diamonds,” dawg pound.



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