Not A Fair Fight

Shouting out to Toronto. Remember when your Raptors closed out Miami and you chanted “WE WANT CLEVELAND”?? No you didn’t.

And I know you don’t now. Frankly I’m not even sure the Warriors want Cleveland right now.

The rap on this series is- It will be really impressive if Toronto can win 1 game. After watching Game 2, I’ll be impressed if Toronto can lose one by single digits.

I don’t even blame the Raptors. Some of them are tryin; one or two of them are even swinging. This is just not a fair fight.


This looks like a first round series being played out in the conference finals. Like an NCAA 1-seed playing somebody from the First Four… In the Final Four. It looks like the ’92 Dream Team rolling up Angola and then Mike and Chuck giving them autographs afterwards.

It’s not Toronto’s fault that LeBron has better shooters and more space than he ever has in his career. It’s not on them that Kevin Love has remembered how to be a beast. Coach Dwayne Casey won’t say no Mas. “We’re not quitting. Everybody can bury us, but we’re not quitting. I refuse to believe that.”

So do I. I don’t think they’ll quit. But I’m not the one who just got bleeped on national TV, DWAYNE.

For real, I’ve said it before, I love that the Raptors don’t’ give a damn. They didn’t care that this series was supposed to be Bron v. Miami. They don’t trip on what people think about them. And that’s good. Because people think they’re going to lose this series in 3 games. And the people are right. They just don’t have the horses.

And the one or two that they have just aren’t right. No names mentioned: Kyle Lowry. My man, what the hell? What’s going with you? They’re not here with you. You’re the best player they have. They go as you go….but right now, you’re going right into the tank. I get that your team is busted up; and gassed out; and overmatched. And that you’ve already had the best season in Raptors history. But feel free to go ahead and finish it. With some pride. And heart. You’re in the Eastern Conference Finals; where’s that trademark Kyle Lowry fire?.  The swagger.? No one, anywhere expected you to win this series, but everyone everywhere expected you to at least compete.

Listen, this series is already over. It was over before it even started; the Cavs are that much better. But being outclassed is one thing; not competing is entirely another. And right now, Toronto’s not even competition.

As for the Cavs ripping off ten in a row to start the postseason; the question is, are they this good or is the East that bad? And the answer is: yes. The Spurs’ Big three… Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers… Erv and Kareem’s Lakers… Bron’s Cavs. The only playoff teams to ever start 10-0. They die for this, dog! And the more I watch them, the more I think, not only are they Golden State’s biggest threat, they’re actually looking like they might, might be the team to beat.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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