A Deserving Beatdown

Quick bit of advice for Warriors fans to start the week. Stop walking around, trying to convince yourself or anyone else who will listen, that “It doesn’t matter if we lost by 2 points, or 20, it’s still only one loss!” Be better than that.

Because now it’s TWO losses. And it wasn’t 20 points. It was 28. And at one point OKC was up 40. Final Score: Thunder: 117. Warriors 80.

Nope- My bad. That was after the THIRD quarter. Easy to make that mistake. Golden State had only given up a buck-17 four times this season over an entire regulation GAME. They did it last night in 36 minutes.

That was an annihilation of the greatest order. The Thunder wouldn’t have even beaten the Lakers that badly. And the Lakers lost 65 games. The Warriors won 73. And it felt like they lost last night by 80.

So don’t tell yourself it’s one game, it’s no problem, we’re good. Because you’re not.

And you’ve got a very big problem. I mean, does Andrew Bogut sound like he thinks this just some kind of anomaly on a bad night? “They absolutely kicked our ass.”

They did.

And not for one crazy quarter where Russ and KD got hot. That was a start to finish pistol whipping. And I think Steve Kerr put it best “We got what we deserved.”

Again – they did.

What’s most disappointing from The Warriors is they didn’t feel like playing any D. Because that’s been one of the ignorant raps on this team. That they’re just 3-point shooters who win because nobody can keep pace with them. They’re not a REAL team. They don’t play D. That’s been BS all season. You can’t have the greatest regular season ever by doing nothing other than shooting money balls for 6 months.

Golden State got here because they DO play D, they Do clean the glass, they Do block shots. And then for 2 games in this series they haven’t done ANY of that.

Those gasbags who haven’t seen 3 Warriors games all year, and say that they don’t’ move the ball well? Last night they were right. Quick shots, bad shots, no second pass. On one end of the floor, they looked like they were playing a game of “Knockout” with OKC, and on the other end they just had NOTHING on D.

Coach is right. They deserved that beatdown. And if they do it again, they’re going to take another. Bohica.

The Warriors are making it really hard, but I still believe in this team. Suddenly, it’s difficult to know which Warriors team is going to take the floor from night to night. And I’d love to sit here and I say I know, for a fact, the team that won 73 games during the regular season will take the floor in Game 4. But at this point I don’t know that they will.

Who’s it going to be? The team that beasted in 73 games, or the dudes who have now gotten cracked twice in 5 days.

It’s past Go-Time. Man’s Game? Must win game. Again.




This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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