Dray’s Jump Kick

Tough night for Draymond Green. He only made 1 field goal, and he attempted to KICK one off Steven Adams’ crotch. For the second time in the series, Dray’s foot found Adams’ kiwis.


Give him this; Dray’s jump kick took some of the chatter off how badly his team just lost. Instead of the media just jumping Golden State about the ass-kicking, the chatter went right to whether Draymond just be suspended for the groin-kicking.

Dudes have been suspended for plays like that, but considering he’s a star player in the middle of a massive series, he’ll probably beat this rap.

Boston’s Isaiah Thomas threw a big elbow in their Atlanta series, and he didn’t sit.

That said, I don’t agree with Steve Kerr who says the flagrant-1 Green should be rescinded. Draymond is a multiple packaged offender. Two groin blasts on the same guy, this one even more ridiculous looking.

I guess you could make the case that Dray was flailing his arms and legs trying to get a foul call… Maybe? But why should I even speculate.

As I’ve said it many times, Green’s one of the realest guys going right now. Let’s just let him explain. What do you say, Dray? “I’m not trying to kick somebody in the midsection. I’m sure he wants to have kids one day; I’m not trying to end that on a basketball court.”

Then why do you keep doing it my man? And Dray, it was not the “mid-section”. It was the money section. “Honestly, I didn’t know I hit him. I walked to the 3-point line and slapped everybody’s hands and I turned around and he was on the floor. And I was like, “What happened?””

What happened? You Anderson-Silva’d the guy right in the jewels, when you didn’t even have the ball.

Draymond even admitted himself that it would be hard for him to believe it was accidental based on the video.

Look, Draymond plays the game with a certain aggression. Maybe he didn’t like the effort he was seeing from his teammates; maybe he was looking to send some sort of a message, and change the energy of the game Well, he did.  But for the wrong team.  Because OKC went on a huge run right after it happened.

Dray’s laces hadn’t even left Adam’s “mid-section” before Russ and KD were on another fast break in the other direction.

It was the ugliest moment, of Draymond’s worst game, during Golden State’s worst night of the season. Golden State already had a huge problem and it’s going to be even bigger if the league dings him with a suspension.

I doubt they will, but the Dubs already have a big problem WITH Draymond, imagine how much worse it’s going to get without him. Then again, show up the way they did last night, and it won’t matter for Golden State if Draymond plays or not.




This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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