LeBron’s Flop

Nevermind for a second if Draymond Green will get suspended by the Association, I’m waiting to see if LeBron is going to get suspended by SAG. The screen actor’s guild may have to sit him down for 6 months after the pathetic display of acting Bron put on Saturday night.

I’m more offended by LeBron flopping after his own teammate hit him in the face, than I am by Draymond ninja-kicking another dude in the grapes.

It’s not easy to get both “LOL LeBron” and “LMAO LeBron” trending at the same time. But when Tristan Thompson’s arm hit Brons’ face, he pulled it off.


Is it too late for Hollywood to give this dude a Razzie award? Are you LeBron James or Kevin James? Bron just made Paul Blart look like Daniel Day.

What do you have to say for yourself, King?  “I’m not trying to sell a call. … Sell a call for what? There was no call there to be sold. That’s it. I was going to say something else to you, but I’m going to leave it alone.”

No, no no- – please, tell us. We’d all like to know how a 6’8 250 Peterbilt gets back flipped onto the floor if somebody even blinks at him.

You weren’t trying to sell a call? So what- then you just get knocked on your ass that easily? Because that might even be worse. Especially when it’s your own teammate who does it, and the Raptors get T’d up for it.

This is the guy who said 3 years ago, “I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game but I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys. I don’t need to flop. I don’t even know how to do it.”

No, you don’t know how to do it WELL. You’ve never been one of “those guys?”  Bron – you’re the KING of those guys. And you’re right- you don’t need to flop. That’s why it looks so stupid when you DO.

Understand- this is a big reason why a lot of people don’t like you. I thought this was all in the past. This was a very LeBron-with-the-Miami-Heatles thing to do.

And for me, this is getting personal. This quack actor is the guy who’s going to take the baton in my Space Jam franchise? I don’t know if I can act with this guy. There’s just nothing to work with. What happens when he takes a forearm from his teammate Marvin the Martian and dives on the floor like he took a missile to the chest. That’s not going to work. I don’t want him ruining my scenes. Your Cavs teammates might be all right with this, Bron. But Foghorn Leghorn and I won’t stand for this. I was going to say something else to you, but I’m going to leave it alone. STRIVE FOR FAKENESS OUT THERE, CUZ!



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