Los Angeles to Host Super Bowl in 2021

Inglewood Stadium

In allowing Stan Kroenke and the Rams to relocate, the City of Los Angeles didn’t just gain an NFL team and a giant NFL stadium. They also put themselves on the map as a Super Bowl destination, and the league has already decided to award them with a Super Bowl in 2021.

Super Bowl 55 will be played in the yet-to-be-completed Inglewood stadium, which will be the home of the Los Angeles Rams. That will follow appearances in new stadium that are still being built in Minnesota and Atlanta.

Miami has also renovated Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, and will be the home of Super bowl 54.



2 thoughts on “Los Angeles to Host Super Bowl in 2021

  1. Kathleen Van Buren

    Well, technically the City of Los Angeles gets none of that. Since Kroenke’s stadium proposal, as opposed to the 49ers’ stadium, has a lot of ancillary development, it will be interesting to see how the income/expenses is distributed. Inglewood probably gets it all – good and bad – except for the publicity. That’s obviously going to LA.

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