A Thunder Throat Punch

For the Warriors- Tuesday Night was going to be Get Right Night.

A huge bounce-back game after getting their noses bloodied in Game 3. Steph’s motivated. Draymond says he plays better when he gets boo’d. This team had not lost back-to-backs all year. This was the night that Warriors offense exploded and unleashed hell. It all sounded great. And believable. Until about half way through the first quarter, when we all realized, it just wasn’t happening.


The Warriors did not Get Right. They got hammered.

And to the question of How Did that Happen? It happened because the Thunder are just better.

It really is that simple. To a man, the Warriors are all saying – “We know what we have to do.” Great. Except they knew what they had to do last night. And they didn’t do it… Steph knew after Game 3 he couldn’t shoot 7-17. So he came out in Game 4 and shot 6-20.

Draymond knew he was Public Enemy No 1. in OKC, he knew he was coming off the worst game of his season. He knows or thinks, they go as he goes. But he didn’t. They’re not beating OKC if he finishes with just one bucket. And he did. And no one needs to tell Draymond Green that what they’re doing isn’t working. But someone does need to tell him how to fix it, quote, “I’m not sure what it is. But whatever it is, gotta do it.”

At this point, I’m not sure he can. I’m not sure any of them can.

What have they done all season when teams test them? Go small and run out that Death Lineup? They have. The Thunder have run right through it.

What else-  just be patient, wait for Steph or Klay to go nuclear and shoot you of out trouble. Klay tried last night. Went ballistic in the third quarter and it didn’t even bother the Thunder. Because Golden State has two of the best shooters ever, but OKC has two of the world’s Top 5 players. And they’re both rolling right now. And overall, they had six players in double digits last night.

How are you going to beat them when their Big 2 are killing it and they’re getting that many contributions from that many players? Honestly, I’m not sure they can. Especially, if they can’t match OKC’s energy, and aggressiveness.

Not only does OKC look better, they’re hungrier; much hungrier; they got to nearly every loose ball. Better and hungrier means you’re usually means you win 100 percent of the time.

The other big question is, what’s wrong with Steph Curry? Something has to be wrong with Steph. He just doesn’t look right. And I’m sure he’s not. In fact, Adrian Wojnarowski from The Vertical reports his knee isn’t anywhere near 100%. I believe that. Because Curry doesn’t look anything like Curry.

But it doesn’t matter. He’s out there. So there are no excuses.

And Curry isn’t about to use this as one either. The knee isn’t his biggest problem. Russ is. I’ll tell you what’s really wrong with Steph; he spends his entire nights chasing after Russ Westbrook, who might be pound for pound, the most explosive guy I’ve ever seen in the Association. There’s never been a guy who puts as much pressure on an opposing defense as Westbrook does. And you spend your entire night trying to stay with one of the most explosive guys ever, who’s having one of his best games ever, that’s going to suck the life out of you. There’s nothing wrong with Steph, per se; that’s just Russ wearing him out.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t explain how careless Steph and his teammates were with the basketball, and how many bad decisions they made; but this isn’t about what’s wrong with Golden State. It’s about what’s right with OKC… In Game 3 the Warriors kicked them in the package. Last night the Thunder punched them in the throat.

And give it up to the OKC fans; that is one hostile barn. Those lunatics were still booing fouls, up 25 with a minute to play. There are some tough barns in the NBA but I’m not sure any joint has crazier fans than OKC.

Bottom line, I’m not running a stake through Golden State just yet. They are the defending champs; and they’re headed back to Oracle. But, they don’t have a lot of time to get ready, and even if they do send it back to OKC, based on what I’ve seen in this series, I’m not sure what good that would do.

OKC went right through San Antonio, one of the best regular season teams ever, and now they’re doing the same to Golden State, who is the best regular season team ever.

Steph says this isn’t how they’re going out, it’s almost impossible to see KD and Russ let them get up.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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