Not A Good Look, Russ

If you had Russ Westbrook in a “Which Losing player will walk off the floor without shaking hands” prop bet… Then good news, you just chased Memorial Day with Pay Day!

But the real winners with Russ not dapping up the Warriors, are the morning radio barkers who rolled in today with an axe-to-the-head hangover. Because they can get out the step-ladder, reach up the that top shelf of their segment-filler closet, blow the dust off their “No handshake” take, and crush Westbrook for 3 hours while they sneak some Tito’s during commercial breaks.

I just can’t do it. We’ve just seen it too many times, from too many guys. Bent players who just lost, and who storm off the floor instead of having a hug fest with the guys who just beat them.

It is bush league. It is a bad look. Especially when Russ saw KD stay around and hug on everybody he could find. I’m not supporting it. But at this point I’m just not surprised by it.

Especially from Westbrook – an emotionally volatile guy, who’s all over the map even when things are going well.

That said, you would think he would be used to this by now. I mean, it is the 7th time he’s been eliminated in the playoffs.

He’s not the first and he won’t be the last. And it probably won’t be the last time he does it either.

So no, I’m not surprised Russ did it. I am surprised I saw “Isiah” trending when he did it. I mean, that’s hilarious, but it’s so wrong. Hilarious because Isiah was one of the best point guards ever, a legend as a player, and he still gets remembered for peacing right off the court after he lost to Mike. But it’s wrong because what Russ did wasn’t exactly like what Zeek did.

Bad look to walk off the court after the loss. But historically awful to do it DURING a loss.


My man making out with Erv before the games started can’t believe he hit the locker room before a playoff game even ended.

What Russ did was bad, but what Isiah did was even worse. Isiah was butt hurt after getting de-throned, and walked right past the Bulls locker room and into the tunnel. It was one of the worst looks ever. Would have melted the Internet it if happened today.

Russ walking out without acknowledging the winners is not a good look. It never is. I don’t like it. I don’t respect it. And there’s really never a reason to do it. It was bad, but still not as bad as Zeek.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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