Life Changing Series For Bron And Steph

It’s NBA Finals Day. We are just hours away. The series hasn’t even started yet and the MVP is already annoyed with hearing about who’s the face of the league.

Steph Curry wants it real clear – he’s not about being some imaginary king, he’s about real rings.

He’s not about to pound his chest before the finals and say Damn Right I’m the face of the league now. This is Steph Curry’s league, everybody else is just playin’ in it! He is not a pub grabber. He is not a sub-tweeter. He’s not the kind of guy who sees somebody else win the MVP, and then split hairs about what the world “valuable” really means. What I’m saying is, he’s not LeBron.

But he is one series away from overtaking LeBron. I like that he’s annoyed by “face of the league” chatter. But that title DOES hang in the balance.

Warriors win this series, Steph owns the world. 2 years. 2 titles. 2 MVPs. It’s Steph’s league. He’s the face of the association, the face of under armor, the face of the sport.

Meanwhile LeBron is an all-time great, but one who’s getting older, about to exit his prime, and has lost in the Finals FIVE times. Steph wins and he’s snapchat to Bron’s Facebook. He’s streaming and LeBron’s a blu ray. Steph’s The Running Man Challenge. Bron is Planking. Steph’s JJ Abrams. Bron is Spielberg.

BUT…. The Cavs rip this thing… Bron is the basketball messiah who brought a world championship to Cleveland, did it by beating maybe the craziest juggernaut ever, and runs off to do movies with his billion dollar swoosh deal. Then he’s in 45 territory. Then he’s a face of the league for LIFE.

That hangs in the balance starting tonight.

These guys can try to diminish it – but this series isn’t just legacy changing, its life changing for both of them.

And personally- I like that the fact that they’re not bros with each other. These two don’t’ tweet at each other. They don’t’ work out together. Steph’s not on the The LeBron James banana boat team. They both did some sniping about the MVP. Steph’s not going to get the Space Jam invite. And he doesn’t want it.

I like that in a league where everybody is friends now, we get a Finals where the best two players aren’t. Steph says he wants another ring on his finger, not a crown on his head. 4 more wins and he’ll have both.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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