108 Days

Let’s rundown some countdowns. There’s probably less than 10 days until the NBA season is over. There’s less than 100 days until the NFL season starts. But there are exactly 108 days until Steelers v Bengals.

This might as well be Super Bowl 51. I hate to be the superfan who’s geeking on a September football game during OTAS, but I can’t help it.

But this is more of a pay per view fight than a football game, and you’ve gotta start hyping those early.

Let’s not forget that the last time these two got together, the Bengals lost with 2 walk-off personal fouls, Tez Burfict nearly killed Antonio Brown, Pac Jones nearly fought assistant Coach Joey Porter, and then accused Brown of being a “Faker” – who deserved a Grammy. It was bedlam. It was beautiful.

And now it’s back… With dead Gorilla smack. Steeler Vince Williams went on Twitter and hit Cincy with a Harambe bomb. “The gorilla was from Cincinnati. I didn’t drop one tear. He in a better place now.”

Everybody’s upset about what happened at that zoo. But big Vince isn’t taking sides in this one. He’s not blaming the zoo or the child’s parents. In fact, he’s not blaming anyone it all because he doesn’t think anything bad happened. In fact, his take is that was actually a GOOD day at the Zoo.

Vince seems to think this was actually a blessing for Harambe. See, he lives in Cincinnati. And in Vince’s world, it’s better to be shot dead than continue to live in that town.

Vince would tell you that the 4-year old did Harambe a favor by getting into his enclosure. In fact, after they get him out of there… They should have walked around the zoo throwing him in with other animals too. Bears. Lions. Flamingos. The reptile house. The Dolphins. Just chuck the kid, blast the animals, and send them all to a better place.

Vince’s take isn’t that they shouldn’t have shot the gorilla. It’s that they should have shot all his neighbors too. After all-  it’s a Cincinnati Zoo, and they’d all be happier than continuing to live in that city.

And this is why I’m counting the days to Steelers-Bengals. Because the noise between the two has gone way past Vince saying he’s going to “paint” Burfict on sight, to Pac giving out his address, to Vince saying Zoo officials actually did Harambe a favor; did the humane thing by putting him down so he no longer had to suffer by living in that town.

I’ve sat here for years officiating city on city smack between radio listeners. But that right there may be the lowest blow of all.

This week alone we had one caller say people in Oakland specialize in throwing sneakers over powerlines, another saying folks in San Antonio visit the town “Cow wash”, but  those don’t come close to Vince’s take that zookeepers capping a gorilla was a good thing.

Again everybody, 108 days away. The Bengals should wear a Harambe patch on game day.

And ol Vince better keep his head on a swivel, because you know they’ll be looking to paint him.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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