Keep The Hacking, Commish

After the Warriors, today’s biggest winner is Dwight Howard. Because Adam Silver is about to drive a stake through the Hack-a-Shaq.

The commish says he wants to eliminate the intentional fouling, because it’s bad for TV, and because their research shows that people watching the game hate it.

Not this guy, commish. I love it.

And I’ll be bent if he ends it. Because it’s a bail out. It’s tossing a life preserver to a handful of guys in the league who can’t make half their free throws. If they can’t learn to swim, let ’em drown.

I’ve never had a problem with the hacking. I’ve had a problem with the bricking. I have a huge problem with an elite athlete, with elite coaching, paid elite dollars… Who can’t shoot an uncontested 15 footer any better than a drunk fan in the stands.

Why shouldn’t other teams be able to take advantage of that? Their opponent has a guy out there who shoots 43%, and they’re not allowed to foul him? It’s not their fault his coaches can’t help him.

It’s the same nonsense logic that comes up when MLB starts talking about eliminating defensive shifts. They scout the guy. They crunch their numbers. They should be able to do whatever they want with their 9 players. Again – if a professional hitter can’t burn them and slap one to other side, that’s on him to figure it out. It’s not on the league to bail him out.

And don’t tell me these guys in the NBA can’t. I’ve sat there at the county fair and watched middle aged dads bury 3 straight free throws into a rigged basket with a mouthful of funnel cake. But 22 year old Andre Drummond can’t do better than 35%??? Then that’s his fault.

And don’t tell me it’s not entertaining. I love it. Watching DeAndre Jordan miss TWENTY -TWO free throws in one game, was almost as funny as watching him air ball one WIDE RIGHT. And that was almost was funny as watching Blake Griffin once air ball TWO STRAIGHT.

You want entertainment? Drummond says he’s willing to go Rick Barry and try to shoot Granny Style. You can’t kill that, commish. Don’t do it. Don’t fix it. Because it’s not even broken.

I’ll never bring back the Hack off, but you should keep bringing back the Hacking.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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