Chargers won’t be pivoting back to Mission Valley stadium site

Among local politicians, opposition has swelled for the San Diego Chargers’ citizen’s initiative for a multi-purpose stadium to be built in the East Village section of Downtown. It’s difficult to find any candidate that will publicly support the project, leading many to believe that the team is facing impossible odds and might start once again looking at alternative stadium locations in the county, starting with the current site for Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley.

On Friday, Chargers owner Dean Spanos put a stop to that train of thinking in a letter to Donna Frye. Here is the report from Pro Football Talk:

On Friday, Chargers owner Dean Spanos sent a letter to Donna Frye, a former San Diego city council member from the Mission Valley area. In the letter, a copy of which PFT has obtained, Spanos says that there will be not “pivoting” back to the Mission Valley site.

“We want to be as clear as we can possibly be about this issue,” Spanos writes. “We did not choose downtown over Mission Valley casually. Downtown is a plan that can work for the community and our fans. We have tried to make it clear that Mission Valley will not work for the NFL or for the community. The Mayor asked us to make a choice. We made the rational business choice, and the rational choice for the community-at-large. That choice is downtown. Mission Valley is not an option for us, now or in the future.”

Rumor has is that the Chargers are very close to accounting for all of the signatures necessary to get their citizen’s initiative on the ballot in November, but it sounds like that vote will be San Diego’s last chance to retain the Chargers.



5 thoughts on “Chargers won’t be pivoting back to Mission Valley stadium site

  1. Jeffrey Madruga

    At least now we have written proof that Dean Spanos is not just stupid, he’s PROFOUNDLY stupid; not a “casual” or irrational “choice”, declaring: Stupid Then, Now, and Forever.

  2. Arthur Tyler Shaw

    He visualizes a flyover of a downtown Chargers stadium as it is more appealing to the TV audience. For San Diegans though we will all lose on this deal. It doesn’t make sense to put another stadium downtown. They should flatten Qualcomm and build another multi-use stadium.. not a single-use Spanos football field.

  3. raif

    Thats wrong of course… How many events is the current stadium used for? Start there and figure that number would go up with a new faclity

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