110k Signatures Filed to Qualify San Diego Chargers Citizens’ Initiative for Ballot

About a month and a half after the April 23rd kickoff event to start collecting signatures in support of their Citizen’s Initiative, the San Diego Chargers have reached their goal for signatures and submitted them to quality for the ballot in November.

There is still some debate on whether the team would need their ballot measure to pass by way of majority or super-majority, and if there is enough support in San Diego to pull off either, but Step 1 was to get in front of the voters and the Chargers have accomplished that.

The signatures will now be checked by the City of San Diego for veracity. There can be no more than 43 duplicates out of the 110,786 signatures submitted. Once the signatures are confirmed, the team will likely begin campaigning for support from San Diego residents and local politicians. Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who won reelection last week, has seemingly stood in opposition to the project in favor of a stadium at the current Mission Valley site.



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