Game 4 goes tonight. And Draymond Green wants everybody to know they can stop regurgitating takes about what happened to the Warriors in Game 3. Stop speaking. Stop tweeting. Stop hot-taking. He’s got this. “We got bullied. PUNKED. Whatever word you want to find for it.”

No doubt, Dray.

Blasted, Backhanded, TrashCanned, Dropkicked, Hospital Jobbed, Curb-Stomped… PUNKED right off the floor.

But also there was a lot happening on the grease board. The Cavs were jumping Steph on defense. They were off and running on offense. You got out-schemed too, right? “There was no X or O adjustment they made. They PUNKED us.”

All right. But what about the Splash Bros? Where did they go? The best shooters on Earth shot 10-26. That’s what did you guys in right? “Wasn’t about shooting percentages. We lost that game when we stepped on the floor and got PUNKED”.

But what about getting PUNKED?. And , do you think you were PUNKED. PUNKED PUNKED PUNKED.

Guy’s entire take is 1 word. He’s right. And that’s why I just don’t see it happening again tonight.

The Cavs aren’t going go get those bizarro-Warriors who looked like they took the floor hungover and expected the Cavs to roll over. I don’t know exactly what Golden State team we’re getting tonight, but I know we won’t see the one we saw in Game 3. It’s not like it’s the only Game 3 punk job they’ve suffered this postseason. The same thing happened against OKC and we saw what happened then.

In fact, they haven’t won a Game 3 this post season. I’m not saying they’re the team that never gets punked. That no one will mess with them. Because the Cavaliers just did. What I am saying is, the Warriors aren’t one of those teams that get shoved in the bar and respond by saying – Hey man, I’m not looking for trouble, let me buy you a beer. They don’t turtle.

They’ll be just fine if they just care of a few little things. One they need to come out hard in the first quarter tonight, and not just lay down after the ball went up in Game 3. Steve Kerr was right. They were soft as hell. And Draymond was right. They got punked. In the first and third quarter both. A total lack of energy and aggression and an inability to take care of the basketball and get to the glass got them punched in the face. So they need to come out and throw the first haymaker tonight; and let the Cavs knowing they didn’t figure anything out.

And just importantly, they need either Klay or Steph to put the fear back in them, because right now, neither one of them are doing anything to scare anyone other than their own fans.

As for Cleveland, I’m still not sold on these dudes. They still didn’t beat anyone to get here; and they were absolutely punked themselves in Games 1 and 2. Great. They won a must win game, on their home floor, when the Warriors no-showed. Again, still NOT a series. And I still don’t trust them.

Beast up again tonight, then I’ll admit we’ve got a series. Get Punked tonight, its officially baseball season.

See you at 6 Pacific. Strive for greatness out there, Cuz.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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