Joey Bosa Not Attending Chargers’ Mini Camp Due to Contract Dispute

“I’m just going to give San Diego everything I have every day.  I just want to get better and be the best possible player I can be.”

That quote is from Joey Bosa during his first interview with the San Diego Chargers. – Well, he will not be giving everything he has during the San Diego Chargers Mini Camp, which starts today. Bosa has chosen to skip camp due to contract issues.

Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union Tribune first reported the news that Joey and his agents have two major issues with his rookie contract. The first is the offset language, Bosa & his agent want the 4 year deal to include guaranteed pay – this way if Joey is cut before his contract is up, he will get paid by the Chargers, and presumably also by the team that picks him up. The second issue is regarding Joey’s signing bonus. His camp would like to know if the Chargers plan to pay it out over the first 7 months, or after that.

I’m sure this comes as a surprise to the Chargers and their fans, as Joey was present during all but the last of OTAs, and in all of his previous interviews Joey mentioned how ready he was to start practicing with his new team, and getting ready for his first NFL season.

“We’re disappointed he’s not here,” said General Manager Tom Telesco.  “This is a big part of the learning process for all players, not just rookies.  But there is part of a business to this too, and we understand that. It’s part of being a professional athlete.  I’ll say the time he’s been here, (we’ve) been really impressed by not only his ability, but his work ethic.  That’s been great.  But that all being said, we’ve got to treat all of our players the same.  That’s the big thing.  We can’t do one thing different for one guy and the same for 89 others.  These things tend to get worked out.  It’s June, and we’ll just keep going.” Reading between the lines, it looks at though the Chargers are going to hold their ground, and not negotiate a special deal for just 1 of their players.

And to get the fans reaction, I turned to the online Chargers community.

“I get the business, but dude hasn’t done anything yet,” Lifelong Chargers fan Mercurty HornBolt claimed. “Chargers learned this lesson with Ryan Leaf. Allen proved his worth and EARNED his pay… We are waiting Bosa…”

And Bolts Fan Lisa Prebel had a question for Bosa, The generation of entitlement… How bout let’s earn it?“

“Greedy agents looks like greedy player,” Chargers fan Jim Cardenas told me. “All rookie contracts have offset language. He will be paid a little more up front then he will be happy. All he’s doing is hurting his development and team chemistry”

Obviously, this is not the way the Chargers or their fans want to start their relationship with Joey Bosa. A city that is in dire need of an NFL Championship wants everything to run smoothly, both on the field and behind the scenes. We shall see how this all pans out, hopefully Joey is on the practice field soon, and letting his play do the talking instead of his agents.



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