Bad Play, D’Angelo

When’s the last time you actually thought a commercial was funny? Most of the time now you just watch one and get furious that YouTube won’t let you skip it.

But I saw D’Angelo Russell’s ad, and I actually chuckled at it. I thought it was funny, but I don’t think it was the right play; and I’ll tell you why in a second.

But to backtrack, and this actually went down while I was in the basement so I never fully shared my thoughts or broke this down on air. You’ll recall, Russell went into Internet lore when he rolled camera on his own teammate spitting some game at women other than his fiancé, and it went viral. Totally blew up in his face, and a Class-A felony within the laws of the bro code.

D’Angelo will never be able to hide from it. He’ll always get asked about it. So he figured what the hell, I’ll just drop  into a commercial with Ben Simmons and make a joke about it.


He’s probably thinking, why not make a joke about it: everybody else already is. Everybody else always will. You’re not slamming that snake back in the can of peanuts. Ever.

It’s a story about the NBA, sex, and a famous female rapper. It’s social networking heroin. No sense in trying to defuse a bomb after it’s already gone off. Believe me, for trolls online, it’s not as fun for them to laugh at you – when they know you’re laughing with them. That’s the only way to take the steam out of these stories for celebrities.

It’s why Kim Kardashian continually gets asked about her sex tape – because she won’t joke about it.

If you’re Pee Wee, you make a joke about a movie theater. If you’re Vanilla Ice, you do a video getting hung over a balcony by Funny or Die. If you’re Angie Jolie, you go on SNL and make fun of making out with your own brother.

At least that’s the theory and there’s something to it. And yes, I thought it was funny.  But again, he didn’t make the ultimate violation of the bro code at MY expense; it was at Nick Young’s expense. And I’m guessing he doesn’t think that spot is very funny. And I wonder if his teammates, who no longer trusted him when that went down, think the commercial is funny.

I don’t know… maybe if you commit the ultimate violation of the code, maybe, just maybe, you wait a little longer before you start making light of it in a national spot.  Maybe you wait a little longer before you make light of it AND CASH IN ON IT.

Young is trying to save his engagement and convince his fiancée it never happened, but Russell keeps bringing it up again; and not only that but is getting paid to bring it up: and folks are actually giving him dap for it.

Yeah, I’m sure Young thinks its ALL GOOD. Maybe, the better play is you just lay low for a while, ball up, and try to regain everyone’s trust.

Look, it would be one thing if he accidentally tweeted out a pic of his own junk; then he’s gets the worst of it; and then he’s laughing at himself and trying to laugh it off. But that’s not what happened. Or maybe it even works, if Nick Young is in the spot, laughing at it too. But he’s not. He was too busy trying to stay engaged to his fiancée, who I also guarantee doesn’t think the spot is funny.

Sure it’s funny. But probably too soon. And if I’m Russell, I’m laying low and letting my basketball erase that embarrassing episode of my life, not some commercial that has nothing to do with basketball at all.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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