Joe Flacco Trending

That was a pretty weird feeling on a June Wednesday to see Joe Flacco trending.

What..- did Joseph run his mouth again, jump up on stage with Lil Wayne, tweet some outlandish shot at the Ravens front office? You never know with Joe. He’s the bad boy of the NFL.

Take away that Super Bowl ring… Joe Flacco might as well be Johnny Football. No he’s not.

There might not be 5 players less interesting than the Flacc. How could Joe Flacco be trending if we almost never hear him even speaking?? That’s easy, because some internet moron told the world he was dead.

A Ravens fan site caused a twitter uproar yesterday, by saying that Joe Flacco had died. He didn’t.

And honestly, if Joe Flacco died- I’m not even sure anybody would be able to tell the difference if they talked to him.

But I’ll tell you what SHOULD die –  the Internet death hoax. That thing is on Fonzarelli’s skis flying off the ramp, right behind Rick Rolls, Harlem Shakes and Planking. At least those trends were kooky and sort of creative. Shouting dead celebrity into a crowded theater is just stupid.

It’s worse than an April Fool’s joke. Tom Brady. Terry Bradshaw. John Madden. Clay Matthews breaking his legs in a car accident – there’s not one thing amusing about any of it.

The Internet is the world’s largest playground- and death hoaxes are what you choose to play with? Find a new toy. Go do a photoshop. Cut together a fail montage of people falling off hover boards. Turn your phone around and give us yet another pretentious review on Game of Thrones.

Hell, go watch some PORN. Better that than yet another fake death.

Besides- that genre’s apex has already been reached. It’s never going to get bigger than the NFL’s official twitter account announcing that Goodell had passed away, and then following up with a tweet that read Oi, I said Roger Goodell has died, dont’ delete that tweet. That’s the walk-off. It’s over… move on.

The only thing less interesting than a death hoax – is one about Joe Flacco. We have enough celebs dropping in 2016, we don’t need you crafting new ones.

I know this is just spitting into the Internet wind – but you have unlimited options on how  to waste your time. Find something better to do online. I’d rather watch an Apple Geek perform an “unboxing” before I hear about one more person fake dying.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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