Welcome To The Club, Swish

Now that we’ve blown by the solstice – it’s officially Summer. Now that we’ve watched the Cavs parade- it’s official the Summer of Swish.

You know how this goes – pick any championship parade, and there’s always a star who rises. The one guy on the team who hits it a little harder, screams a little louder, who’s not at a party – he’s on a bender. That star in Cleveland was J.R. Smith.

Yesterday – he was a bit like that Cavs in the Finals-  got off to a bad start. Their 0-2 hole was the equivalent of Swish showing up to the parade wearing a shirt. And yet, he still completed the comeback to win parade MVP.

Because that shirt was off in about 5 seconds, and he sounded like he regretted ever wearing it.


And Swish appeared to be wearing the same exact game shorts that he rocked for Game 7.

You know, the game that was THREE DAYS prior? I don’t think he’s taken those off. I don’t even think he’s pulled the old college move and turned them inside out. He rode in the back of a pickup truck like a hitch hiker for part of the parade route, he stood on top of a car Teen Wolf Style and ran for President during another stretch, and at a point was even handed a little kid from the crowd and held him up over his head like The Lion King.

Cigars, beers,  champagne, Swish talked to a reporter, mid-parade, and said he was just so full of “Adrenalin.” That’s one word for it, my man. How’d you take that “Adrenalin” – on the rocks, in a shot, or right out of the bottle? Take it any way you want Swish.

This is a guy who just a couple of seasons ago was a New York ball-jacker who never won a damn thing. His biggest accomplishment was getting outed for sliding into DM’s and going legend with a line about “pipe.” Guy’s gone from losing with Melo, to Boozing with LeBron. No wonder he’s partying.

And as a guy who’s seen a TON of parades, let me be the first to welcome Swish to the Club of guys who have dominated them.

William Gay welcomes you.


The Pride of Petaluma Johnny Gomes is fired up to have you.


Dirk Nowitzki tips his lid to you.


And Founding Father Mad Dog Madsen says Bienvenidos, hermano.


We can officially now say that J.R. Swish has let the dogs out.

I’d say it be time to throw those drawers in the washer, but I really think he’s still going to be wearing them in September.

Move over Gronk-  2016 is the Summer of Swish, and it’s about to be… Say it with me now…. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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