The Hottest City In The World

Cleveland! – this is for you!!! But first a question. What in the hell is happening in that city? The Cavs blow up the world and win a title. And the Indians haven’t lost since.

The hottest team in baseball, plays for the hottest city in the world.

The Indians have won 9 in a row. They have the lowest era in the AL. They’re perched in first place above the world champion Royals. And yesterday in Detroit they finished their third straight sweep of the Tigers this season while nearly retiring Justin Verlander in the process.

It’s getting weeeeeeeird in Cleveland. The Cavs came back from down 3-1 to beat a 73-win team. And the Indians just jumped a former league MVP for four home runs. In one inning. Cleveland rocks!

Why not just have Verlander stand behind the l-net and soft-toss some derby pitches for Cleveland? I know it’s only 74 games into their season. But it was also a 52-year wait for Cleveland to win a title. Can you imagine a world where they win 2 of them in the same year????

The Cavs rule the world. The first place tribe has won 9 in a row. What’s next – the Bob Griffin’s Browns jump out 5-0? Hell no.

But I love what the Indians are doing. Best rotation in baseball right now. They’re not just beating teams, they’re crushing them. Cleveland’s outscored their opponents by 40 runs during the 9 games.

And it’s not like Tito Francona hasn’t shocked the world before, Cleveland. That man’s not daunted by the Cavs coming back down 3-1 on the Warriors. He came back from down 3-0 on the Yankees. 52-year draught? He broke the 86 year curse.

And I just don’t know if this country is ready for Cleveland to become the coolest dude in the room. They already got their punching bag taken away, and the bullies don’t know what to do.

I saw it- day after the Cavs won the whole thing, the reaction was “nice win. Now go get a football team.” During the Cavs parade I was still getting jokes about – FYI Rome, there’s a million people there because only a dozen Clevelanders actually have jobs…

Hey Van Smack, the Cleveland parade lasted 6 hours because they know they won’t have another one for 60 years.

Yeah except what if they have another one in 4 months? J.R. Smith will still be walking around with a bottle and stogie, waiting for it. But what will the trolls do then? Just laugh at the Browns? Or flip all your dumb jokes over to Detroit and Buffalo? Because right now they don’t work for the Indians and Tito.

I’m not rooting for it. But team content is honking for it, and I think it would be hilarious if suddenly C-town, was title town. And the rest of the world would melt down.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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