Kaplan & Acee – A new sports arena AND a new SDSU/MLS stadium?

Scott Kaplan and Kevin Acee discuss the possibility of two San Diego building two new sports facilities, an arena in Seaport Village and an SDSU football/MLS stadium in Mission Valley.



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5 thoughts on “Kaplan & Acee – A new sports arena AND a new SDSU/MLS stadium?

  1. Jeff Naiman

    You’d build the arena because the whole project consists of 3 hotels and 1,700 rooms. Not just an arena. Hoteliers want rooms, this project supplies rooms

  2. John Gennaro

    That’s not true at all. I’d say nearly half of the NFL owners couldn’t privately finance their own stadium, and they don’t have backup plans either. The Steelers ownership, the Chiefs ownership, and most of the long-time ownership groups couldn’t privately finance.

  3. KevinKNSD

    … in San Diego… These other two stadiums talked about here are proposed to be privately financed.

  4. bensonrt

    I called in to Coach Kontera’s show previously about replacing the Sport Arena in Loma Portal…
    He left me “on island” by myself….

    Now that AIG has placed the Sports Arena “in play”…
    I suggest that now is the right time for SD COUNTY get involved in the
    CHARGERS STADIUM sweepstakes…

    I believe a COMBINED football stadium, indoor arena, and hotel complex
    on the existing Point Loma footprint …. Is the solution San Diego is looking for….

    Honestly, the Midway District is not adestination for me and my family.
    Been to the sport arena for Socker games it was “pit” then.
    Gasllamp district enjoy the magic revitialazation from Petco… Share the wealth/magic
    With Point Loma ….SportsArena Blvd.

    I look forward 1090 and the candidates … Committed to KEEPING SAN DIEGO GREAT…
    American Finest City…

    Randall Benson
    Carlsbad CA